family eatingKids nowadays have been beginning to be very picky in choosing their foods.  Sometimes they eat just for the sake of it, not really enjoying and appreciating what they are doing.  There had been reported cases of kids and even teenagers of being picky at the point of losing appetite.   Parents practically worry if the children are given the proper nutrition they need.

What Can Be Done?

The thing is these kids need some form of motivation to make them appreciate the excitement of eating.  Parents can give a lead on this and eventually provide a good example on how to make it a meal more appealing to children.  You can begin with some simple and fun recipes that you can involve with.  You can experiment with the shapes, sizes and colors make the food really attractive.

You can play cook with them and assign them to be a kitchen assistant or an apprentice chef.  You can also ask what recipe they want and volunteer to be of help instead of the other way around.   This can promote fun and cooperation, and one way to make you realize what they really want to eat.  This can mean a little more time for sacrifice, but somehow this can pay off in the long run.

Moreover,  this can give you the chance  to have little chat about what the child fancies, and for you to introduce some points on choosing healthy food recipes.  You can ask in passing what they think are perfect for snacks or tasty magic recipes that never fails.  Kids sometimes love boneless crispy fish rather than the bony ones and juicy crispy meaty chicken without bones for more convenience.

The All-Time Favorites

There are times that deboning fish, poultry and pork can be difficult and takes away your precious time.  That’s why there are quick recipes today that makes cooking a lot easier, tastier in no time at all.  They look very appealing and you would think a pro had prepared the recipe.  You can now prepare and serve this favorite recipes to your children and observe the change of appetite.

No more hassles and worries, just simply deep fry and serve hot.  You can ask your kids to make some garnish with a variety of vegetables like cucumber and lettuce and some carrots perhaps.  Let them design and play on with their creativity.  You’ll see, they will take so much pleasure in this activity, and by the next meal, you’ll probably see them waiting for you in the kitchen.

Problem Solved!

That’s it! Sometimes, it will take only a smart and brilliant idea to think of a solution for a certain concern.  And they are simple too.  Next time you worry about your child’s appetite, quickly become creative and see what magic it can do to your picky-nicky kiddies.