Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Having a new-born at home can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially for the mothers who take full responsibility and care for their little one. When things get a little heightened and uncontrolled, unfortunately, some lose their sanity and suffers tot its long time effects.

Try not to worry too much because there are simple ways to avoid getting crazy.

1.      Find a dependable pediatrician

Babies are delicate creatures. Whether you be a good doctor or a medical practitioner yourself, at one point or another, you will fear for something about your baby. Moms are very keen about every single detail about their little one. Observations like a lump in the head, long hours of sleep, change in skin color and etc. makes moms worrisome and stressed. That’s the time when you would want a pediatrician who you can call in your craziest, most fretful minutes and she will give you tranquil, caring advice without making you feel like a complete idiot.

2.      Take a good and relaxing shower

New moms or moms of toddlers, rarely get the opportunity to indulge in a good shower. Why? Because babies love to be with their mommies ALL THE TIME! It’s even hard to get a nice pee moment. So whenever there’s a reliable person to leave your little one to, grab your towel and enjoy the freshness of water flowing in your whole body. It will not only freshen you up, but it will also, ease your mind.

3.      Put yourself to slumber 

A great sleep is a must. That is why everyone who has knowledge about this parenthood thing tells you to sleep while your little one sleeps. Getting enough sleep helps you focus and be on the right track. But some moms find it hard to nap. It’s better to ask your baby’s doctor, foods or medications that can help you sleep without causing trouble even if you are breastfeeding.

4.      “Me” – time 

No need to say much. Just find time for yourself, to be alone or to be with your girl friends and do things that will make you happy like shopping, spa, pigging out, and etc.

 5.      Ready-to-eat meals 

If you do not have a house help or someone who will do chores for you, cooking could be troublesome.  If it’s possible, try cooking viands or food that can last long in the fridge or ask some your family or friends for cooked food or to cook for you during visits or in replacement to gifts or presents. Or just order meals for delivery.

Don’t be too hard on yourself for carrying the baby for 9 months was already difficult and sacrificial. These little things won’t brand you as an irresponsible and bad mother so, do it. Grant yourself a well-deserved reward for a job well done!