It is not a secret anymore that every smoked cigarette seriously affects our living organisms.

Actually, what makes people begin smoking in early ages?

Why do we smoke?

According to social surveys, young people smoke mostly because of the following factors:

  • The advertisement looks nice.
  • Smoking is not so harmful.
  • Copy parents’ moves and actions.
  • It is really cool to carry out a cigarette.
  • A friend recommended.
  • People lose their weight.
  • Smoking calms down.

However, do you agree with the above statements?

First of all, tobacco negatively influences our lungs. Secondly, nicotine containing in cigarettes is a drug poison. Nicotine in medicine is a liquid with a burning taste. Exactly this taste is felt by a smoker while finishing to smoke a cigarette. Moreover, such a dose would be enough to kill a mouse. Rabbits die from ¼ nicotine drop, while it would be only enough ½ of nicotine drop to kill a dog. Hence, a human reduces life by at least 3 years in length.

How does smoking affect our organism?  

It slows down the growth and development of some organs. Unfortunately, smokers often suffer from caught, premature boldness, gastric ulcer etc. A smoker is dangerous for our society due to the fact that surrounding people quickly become passive smokers. Passive smokers often suffer from the same diseases the active smokers do. Despite on all actions taken, our country is still in a list of the heaviest smoking countries in the world.

How do we conduct in such a situation? Remember several useful rules:

  1. Make a pause and say “No”
  2. If you are suggested to try smoking, say: “Thank you for your suggestion however, I would not accept it”
  3. Be ambitious in your wishes. Tell others that you don’t want a cigarette.

According to research, people die from smoking every 6 seconds. But, if you finally decided to stop smoking, do not practice abrupt quitting. Consider every step and setup a day when you are planning to stop smoking. Our skin significantly depends on the stage of parasympathetic nervous system. When nicotine immediately stops to strengthen its action, our skin immunity worsens rapidly. It becomes very easy to get an infection. According to the scientific works and publications, it is really very hard but still possible to stop smoking. Simply believe in your ability to stop smoking! Nevertheless, it is rather easy to start than to stop!

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