weight lossIf your friends, colleagues and/or family notice your weight loss, think about what you have done lately on your routine exercises.

Everybody really wants to lose weight instantly. However, without constant and correct exercise, you will definitely have a hard time achieving your goal. Now, here are some suggested exercises that can be done every day and see fast results in weight loss. You can even do these all in your favorite gym with your friends to get better results.

1. Running

This seems to be a hard thing to do especially if you are overweight. On the other hand, running helps getting the heart rate going makes you extract sweat and helps in burning calories. Join marathons and other running events with your friends. You will just find out later that its already part of your exercise routine.

2. Jumping Jacks

What is best in this kind of exercise is that, it can be done anywhere and anytime. Doing jumping jacks everyday will push your fitness levels to new heights. As one of the best exercise to lose weight quickly, you can do this when you wake up, before you sleep, in the middle of the day even if at work or at home. You don’t need a gym to do this.

3. Jumping Rope

Jump on the rope once more and enjoy every inch of jumping. This strengthens your muscles more. Every time you do your exercise, don’t forget this one. This will make you feel young again. Why not do it with your kids. It’ll be more fun.

4. Swimming

Through swimming, you use nearly every muscle that you have. You also burn fats and calories by just doing the routine everyday of going to and from the pool. It’s a good feeling having exercise in the water. This is also good for muscle toning.

5. Squats

What is best with squat is the focus of toning the muscle in the thigh and leg area. You do this by simply standing straight and simply squat down. Always keep your back straight with arms crossed across your chest. After which, bend your knees to a 90 degree angle. You will feel aches in your thighs on your first few days of squatting. However, as days goes by, your thigh area is more toned and starting to burn off cellulites.

6. Crunches

This is best in flattening the abs. For men, if you wish to have those 6 packs then hit the floor and do crunches. Same with the ladies, work out for a flat tummy. All you need is a floor and a mat in order to do it.