I decided to delete my Friendster account when they shifted to social entertainment site. Social entertainment site is their term for the new age of gaming. This time, the website focuses mainly only on gaming and music. Friendster had become the pioneer of social networking sites. But, it seems the website didn’t have enough to catch up with the trends in social networking.

I’ve been keeping my Friendster account for some time. I was thinking that they might compete well with Facebook.  Even Friendster is saying that they are only repositioning for quite some time. But after a few months, they finally announced that they made a different move. I think it was the fallout after the popularity of Facebook. Friendster now has even a Facebook login application.

I felt sad because I wasn’t able to save some of my pictures. I wasn’t able to get the notification that they will be deleting content including pictures and profile details. I have a few Friendster pictures, which is the only copy I have.

Now that I’ve been trying to establish my own website/blog, I was also thinking of reinventing to drive more traffic. The move that the Friendster has done is quite disappointing, but I think they are now trying to make a niche in the gaming world.