sina weiboThere are a handful picks of social media sites and blogging sites that are visited every day by online users. One of the most visited sites, particularly in China, is Sina Weibo. It works parallel to the well-known social media tycoons like Facebook and Twitter.

Founded in the year 2009, it has gathered more than 500 million users with over a hundred million of posts and messages every day. Though it has experienced a site break down, it has struggled to rise again and finally got to manage its existence. In early 2014, it has 64 million users online daily as of the end of last year and drastically increased from 58.9 million noted last September.

According to some analysts, the value of Sina Weibo has reached an average of $5.1 billion as of the fourth quarter in 2013. BOCI gave them a value of $4 billion while China International Capital Corporation gave them a $7 billion value. It has drawn the interest of more advertisers to invest in the site.

In addition to this, Sina Corporation is partnering with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., taking them a large step ahead of one of the famous messaging applications, Wechat, owned by Tencent Holdings Ltd. (700). Lately, it has earned hundreds of millions and still gaining more dollars

The site functions more like Twitter. It has 140-character limit posts, repost function, comment and follow, and the use of hashtags. Posting of videos and audios are also available. Also, it has its own way in verifying accounts and determines if the user is really a celebrity or a public figure.

When it comes to the sites accessibility, Sina Weibo is very much available to Android, Windows phone, Blackberry OS, and also Symbian which gives them more chances to be visited by most users. For now, the only limitation the site has is that it is only open for those who understand Chinese characters. At first, the site developer has tried making it available in English but it did not work. No worries though, this application is now available in English if installed in iPhones and iPads.