marin atFreeDigitalPhotosEspecially the women, skin care and aging is given much importance.  Women want to preserve their looks not only for their husbands, but because most are partners and providers, who leave their houses to earn a living.

Top foods fro glowing skin are not enough for women who want clear skin. Bleaching creams started as a treatment to blemished skin.  But then, it continued to be used as alternatives to maintaining a softer, younger, healthier skin, and at least minimize aging. To this effect, Lydia O’Connor featured  the “Bleach Can Reverse the Aging Process”.

The process according to researchers of Stanford University School of Medicine stated that this may be the key in the treatment of skin damage and aging, after they have proven its effectivity in mice. In almost all studies conducted wherein mice were the subjects, they as well had same effects in humans.

Analyzing the situation, bleach is an ordinary household item.  Many people use it in the cleansing  eczema, boils, dog biters to wash away rabies as a first aid, and dirty wounds before applying medicine.

Because the experiment proved a success, it is “a sort of fountain of youth” as they termed it. In the practice however, bleach has only a short-term effect, meaning to say that once started, this should be done regularly or else the effect is diminished or stopped.

There are other benefits, derived from this bleach.  Like in cancer patients with acquired radiation dermatitis in their treatment of cancer, in patients of diabetic ulcers and long-standing skin diseases, the method will prove of great help.

People can device their own bleach.  Like a brand of washing soap, combined with the juice of aloe vera sap, this solution can treat skin roughing, whitens skin, prevents and treats dandruff and prevents dry skin.  There are still many ways of producing bleach solutions once people are aware of the products nature provide for them, less expensive, safe, healthful and protective.

Women have the consciousness to their faces and skin.  And , if possible, they would preserve their looks until  they grow old.   Bleach was one of the alternatives they have tried to maintain soft, silky and healthy skin and avoid aging if possible.  Bleach can help them in this aspect without much problem to cost and safety.

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