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Snow fall in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is for real. There was a heavy snowfall in Tabuk, Friday 3 pm on March 2, 2012.  Several newspapers on their online reports stated there were some snowfalls since January 2012.

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Recently, Arab News published on March 3, 2012 that “Tabuk cleaning up after heavy snowfall and rain.” The reports are not that sensational in the news because northern parts of Saudi Arabia experience this in the past.


riyadh sandstorm may 2012

Here in Riyadh, many expect that the summer season is about to come after the heavy sandstorm last February 25, 2012. But up until the first few days of March, still the temperature reaches below 10 ºC at night. Although the weather is still erratic at times nearly reaching 30 ºC, but majority of days and nights are still cold. There are occasional sandstorms as of this date.


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Tabuk is situated in the north western part of Saudi Arabia. The region is mostly desertous with summer  temperatures between 26 to 46 °C and between 4 to 18 °C in the winter with wide spread frosts. It may not be impossible that snowfall in Tabuk may happen due to its geographic conditions. It is near to Jordan, Israel and Egypt where there were snowfalls in some time. Tabuk being part of Saudi Arabia has numerous reports of snowfall in previous years as well because it is affected by Mediterranean climate.