viral marketingTo have a successful online marketing campaign, many get involved in the so called “viral marketing”. In technical terms, it is the act of promoting a certain product, service or information that the audience would likely share and endorse to their friends, family, colleagues and other related people or groups.

Think of it like this, ‘Human A’ read an interesting post in Facebook, because the message is informative and with significant value, ‘Human A’ shared it to one of his social media accounts. His friend, ‘Human B’ scrolls down to his news feed wall and saw that ‘Human A’ shared a post that also gets his attention. ‘Human B’ now shares it, then ‘Human C’, until the post gets viral.

It is a continuous process unless an antidote would come and stop it. Or in online marketing term, someone gets tired of it, and is not considered as trending anymore. From the process itself, you can simply identify why it is called “Viral Marketing”. Some would prefer to call it “Buzz Marketing” or “Word-of-mouth Marketing”. Either terms, it means only one thing. And it is to promote in order to have a good return of investment.

Viral marketing has many types of powerful strategies you can use. From articles, videos, e-books, apps, reports, games, tweets, white papers, and even text messages. From this list of tools, we can’t eradicate the fact that there are some who would usually stand out as the best way of ‘viraling’ out one’s message.

Now, let us introduce you the commonly used and most powerful Viral Marketing strategies.

Social Media

It is a known fact that almost everyone has social media accounts. This made our world look smaller. Anytime and anywhere you want, you can mingle and connect with other people with just a click of a mouse. It’s just the same thing when you have a compelling and relative posts in your social media accounts. How? People will find it interesting. They will connect to you, and endorse you to some people related to them. You can also encourage people to follow you, and be exposed to ‘x’ numbers of friends they have.


They say that video is the most effective way of ‘viraling’ out your message, simply because people are more visual. They would love to see good things moving. A creative video would not that be effective if it’s not creatively done or lacks the message you would want your customers to understand.

Viewers most likely share educational and informational videos. Some would have interest in supporting witty and attractive videos. The right amount of creativity plus a meaningful message equals a good video to viral out.

Article Writing

Unlike social media, you can write whatever information or messages you want in an article. It gives readers more knowledge and facts on the things that you want to promote. They can also read tips, advise, and other useful thoughts they can share to others.

You might have a share button and tweet button on your webpage. But who would care to click that if the content you are writing is not that interesting and pretty enough for them to read or to share? Writing articles can be syndicated, and has a possibility to get viral, provided that it is well written, interesting, educational, and give good values.

The purpose of this article is not only to inform you about viral marketing, but also to remind those who would want to venture that all of it would be useless if you don’t have interesting and attractive content to share.

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