What you should do when stressed typing?

Typists have their own reasons why they work. Some works for money to prepare for a better future. They just work, work and work all they can until they get weary and exhausted. At first, they were excited but after several weeks, they get stressed. With the same routine every day, you will notice that you get tired and disappointed.

Reading: A Tool to an Improved and Innovative Writing

To improve one’s writing is to improve one’s choice of content and context. Content refers to the topic plus the supporting facts or details. Context, like ‘style’ refers to the manner by which the writer addresses his topic. It is dependent on three things: purpose, audience and medium. All three aids in defining what to use in terms of: persona,…

Associate Writers (AWs) Writing Update

Hi to All AWs, Welcome to our new website! Soon, new writing jobs will be posted.  Always visit our website for further announcements!  http://archiedelara.com/tag/associate-writer/  Happy writing!

Study English Please!

I can’t help myself posting this. Pardon me. I’m not really excellent in my writing, but I guess this is too annoying to read. Someone sent me this email asking for a home based job…. hi, Archie de Lara but u did not replay me ? i am working medical transcriptionist and i want to know about job for me….

MTs and English Grammar

MTs are usally attested for their English grammar. Having an excellent knowledge in proper usage of the English language no matter how difficult to discern the spoken English of the doctors is truly important. Here is a link to test your English grammar. http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/index.htm I hope this will help. Enjoy the test.