Low Cost Airfares: Customer Service and Reason not Included

This is another blog contribution by MJCTJ, narrating his traveling experience with an airline in the Philippines. …we should not fall as mere prey to low cost airlines’ poor service and lack of consideration. Read the full story here >> — Contact Information:  www.myhotbuffet.com Personal Background: MJCTJ is a bank executive of one of the local banks in Saudi Arabia…

Baterfy Masjid – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  As commonly seen all over Saudi Arabia, masjid is a place of worship for Muslims. This one, I will name  Baterfy Masjid, is located just beside the accommodation I lived in when I worked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is so close in my flat, that at first I couldn’t sleep whenever there’s salah. But then later on, I…

Chronicle of a Saudi Expat

This blog is a personal story of MJCTJ.  He is a bank executive in Saudi Arabia. “…the quality of life in Saudi Arabia is what you make out of it; it is within your control.” – MJCTJ Chronicle of a Saudi Expat by myhotbuffet.com   *** Contact Information:  http://myhotbuffet.com/chronicle-of-a-saudi-expat/ Personal Background:  MJCTJ is a bank executive of one of the local…

A Transcriptionist in Saudi Arabia

Beware to all medical transcriptionist, try to make clear to the recruitment agency what position they will give to you in case you pass the application. In some cases, recruitment agency will say that medical transcriptionist is the same as that of medical secretary or medical coder/clinical coder.

Transcription of Cath Lab Procedure

A cath lab (catheterization laboratory) is an assessment room in a hospital or clinic with analytical imaging facilities used to carry on catheterization procedure. I had the opportunity to be exposed in transcribing cath lab reports during my work in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I learned a lot about this invasive procedure in cardiology.