Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0Sooner than later, Samsung will be launching more new devices including the newest version of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Let’s take a short review again for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and is very handy and reasonably comfortable in making notes. It is said to be competing with Apple’s iPad Mini.

Samsung assures that Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0  is perfect for its pen-based input. It is faster and more capable than its’ older version. This unit has a font and rear camera, with 1.3 megapixels and 5 megapixels respectively. The operating system of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0  is the Android 4.1 Jellybean. It has an expandable storage from 16GB up to 32GB. It has GPS technology that includes the system for accuracy enhancement, built in antenna and GPS receiver which supports +GLONASS. It has also a pressure-sensitive stylus. It’s touch screen and navigation wheel or button can be used easily.

Aside from the new hardware, this Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0  has new features on the software end. It became handy in terms of the split-screen system especially for taking notes.  The Air View feature of Galaxy Note 8.0  initiates different previews by suspending the stylus pen on the top of the screen without touching it. The Air View’s major benefit is the reduction of the accidental clicks, which is somehow annoying for most touch screen users. This feature works with emails, folders, gallery and messaging. There are other software features which include a reading mode with screen brightness modification, improved Chat On messenger, TV discovery application, and others.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0  could benefit more from a screen with higher resolution. The bundled applications reduced the 16GB storage of the unit. It also has a sticky plastic quality and yet it is more expensive than other Samsung tabs or phones. In this case, this polycarbonate plastic case makes the unit look cheaper, as compared to other tab phone in the market. The tab phone only has a 4600mAh battery capacity which is neither removable nor replaceable.

Specification-wise, its powerful processor is one of the best that Samsung can offer. Its handy, bold and bright screen denotes that a lot can be done with it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0  is the best option for a portable slate in sketching. But if you’re looking for something that’s flexible and can go along with your office work, then this phone tab is not for you.