area automationFinding and on-boarding the best talent in the industry is one of the many functions of an HR department. While the process is dynamic, the steps required generally constitute a pattern or a workflow. And a workflow, given the influx of modern-day technology that aims to make life and work a lot easier, can be easily automated.

Workflow and automation

A workflow is a sequence of short steps joined together to achieve a common goal. Automation, on the other hand, is the use of technology, such as equipment or information, to boost productivity that would otherwise be unachievable with manual labor alone.

In the case of new employee recruitment, the process can be summarized as follows:

–          A request is made by the head of the department experiencing employee shortage.

–          If the job description is clear enough, the request is approved by the HR department. The recruitment process then starts, usually with the placement of job advertisements.

–          A candidates list is created thereafter, and the screening process commences.

–          Once the most qualified candidate is determined and the needed legal documents are completed, submitted and verified, the vacant position is rendered filled.

Despite the proliferation of automation tools to simplify the above sequence, a lot of HR managers still prefer doing things manually. That being the case, the recruitment process takes longer than necessary and may require extra manpower to be completed on time, or the risk of failing to meet deadlines becomes imminent, much more so for multiple vacant positions.

Advantages of automating your workflow

With the implementation of an HR recruiting software, you reap the following benefits:

–          The whole hiring process is made simple from start to finish.

–          Filling of vacant positions takes lesser time.

–          Information is better communicated, hence, speedy decision-making.

–          The right people are matched to the right jobs.

–          The progress of each candidate, including the overall status of the hiring process, can be tracked real-time.

With an automation solution specifically designed for your recruiting needs, all candidate data is deposited in a single place, making information retrieval a matter of a few mouse clicks. Add e-mail notifications, discussion threads and a mobile capability to the mix, you have complete control over your staffing process while making sure the perfect candidate doesn’t slip you by.

About the author:  Maricel Rivera is a freelance business and technology writer. While her freelance writing career spans over ten years, she stepped into the online writing arena just early last year. Since then, she has been writing for small to mid-sized businesses, assisting them with their content marketing and SEO efforts.