Screenshot of various Smartphones from Nokia Website

Screenshot of various Smartphones from Nokia Website

Mobile phone is one of the most necessary tool. In our modern world today, technology progresses including innovations in Smartphone becoming more and more famous. We cannot deny the common upgrades in our mobile phones whenever a new one arrives. It is very useful in our everyday activities especially in communication. It is convenient to use and gives us fun. With the increased demand, many manufacturers and brands of Smartphones exist and the competition arises. In that way, the consumer benefits where they can choose the best quality of Smartphones. As the competition grows, one popular brand emerges. The more it becomes popular, the more consumers patronize it.

The Battle of Smartphones
Nokia was once an innovative mobile brand until the invention of Smartphone came and was introduced to the market. The popularity of this kind of mobile phone boomed and became viral.

There are numerous Smartphone brands available now and the quality level becomes high. It is based on operating system that tolerates it to run applications. Through the advent of this device, various applications give benefits to the user like accessing the web at a high speed. Smartphone has the ability to do more where you can create and edit Microsoft Office document or you may view the files. You can download apps, like personal and business finance managers, handy personal assistants, edit photos, create a playlist of digital tunes, and many more. As the evolution of the technology levels up, it seems Nokia Smartphone is left from the innovation. The rivals come up much better than Nokia. Popular brands like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and other various brands entered the battle. The features, designs, and the specs of those other brands offered high quality and they have their own version that attracts the consumers which beat the Nokia Smartphone.

The Collapse of the Nokia Smartphone.
The birth of the other competitive brands has a great effect to weaken the fame of Nokia Smartphone. The consumers find other popular brands more pleasant and gratifying. The specs of Nokia Smartphone may have been obsolete and is surpassed by other manufacturers of the same device. Some consumers experience problems with the Windows OS. It seems Nokia’s Smartphone is not user friendly and somewhat fails to meet consumers’ expectations. Some unforeseen problems render the decline of the popularity of this device.

When the Apple iPhone becomes available, it outshines and surpasses all the brands of mobile. Then followed Samsung Smartphones. This two becomes the superstar and viral. Most of people are dreaming any one of these device. But what happens to the Nokia Smartphone may not really be drastic. The popularity becomes worst with low demands because of no definite reasons. Nokia Smartphone may become obsolete if it will not compete effectively with other brands.

To sum up, Nokia Smartphone can still attain popularity if it will not end up being defeated by the arrival of more innovative Smartphones from other brands. These new brands fascinate and satisfy the needs of consumer. The fall of the popularity of Nokia Smartphone is a lesson that the manufacturer must be more attentive especially to the desires of the costumer. The popularity of Nokia Smartphones must be revived by finding a solution to meet the needs of the people.