The issue of a travel blog’s requirement for at least some sort of SEO strategy no longer needs to be questioned. Every person who knows the existence of the internet is already aware of SEO and its importance to a blog or website. The deliberation comes in when assessing its importance to a travel blog.

With the foregoing, the best and most applicable SEO strategy is essential in every travel blog for it to have a good online presence. These days, there are thousands of travel blogs and websites making their way to get ahead of one another.

Without an effective SEO in place, a travel blog will be left behind by these travel blogs and websites, especially those that are aggressive in its SEO. Even those that have the best travel experiences, most reasonably priced travel services, or the most informative travel tips to share will be left into oblivion and surpassed by those who were able to make themselves easily searchable by people looking for the information that they actually have.

Benefits of SEO

Now that we are enlightened on the significance of SEO to a travel blog, let us take a look on the benefits that SEO will bring to a travel blog. As you go along, you’ll find that most items don’t have much difference with how blogs in other niches are benefitted with SEO.

  • A good SEO strategy will place a travel blog in the much coveted top ranks in popular search engines’ results page

These days, SEO strategy is already being employed by even the simplest blogs or websites. For this reason, having content with utmost quality is no longer enough in making travel enthusiasts or people looking for travel tips look forward to a travel blog. Along with supplying a travel blog with high quality content, a good SEO strategy will help the blog get a high or even the top spots in popular search engines’ results pages.

  • A good SEO strategy will drive traffic to a travel blog

Who wouldn’t want as much traffic possible to one’s travel blog? One purpose of creating a blog is to share experience, expertise, or advocacy. Otherwise, a blogger could have just kept his own journal.

Without underestimating other sources of traffic to one’s blog such as social media, email marketing, followers’ RSS feeds subscriptions, etc. search engines are still the biggest source of traffic. Anyone does not have to look that far to understand this. Just take a look back at how often you resort to Google when searching for information or even a website that you are already aware of the domain name.

  • A good SEO strategy leaves the travel blog owner with more time for more important tasks

Imagine how demanding it can be to promote a travel blog through different means, other than giving it a good rank in search engines. With a good SEO strategy, a travel blog owner can spend lesser time in promoting its blog thus, leaving him with more time to do more important tasks such as writing better posts and coming up with better travel article ideas.

What is the real worth of SEO service for a travel blog?

The aforementioned list will make us realize the benefits of SEO which a travel blogger may implement by himself in his own blog.

However, in the world of online marketing, changes happen so fast with Google’s continuous Panda or Penguin algorithm updates. A travel blogger may not be expected to be as adept in SEO as an SEO consultant. Without sufficient knowledge of the changes in SEO practice, he may be already be applying SEO activities that will be detrimental to their blog without their knowledge.

For these reasons, we can ascertain that an SEO service for a travel blog is among the most important factors that will give it an edge. With good SEO service, a travel blogger will no longer have to be intimidated with bigger travel blogs or companies who may already be enjoying a huge traffic to their site. By focusing on having quality content for the blog that internet users can easily reach through search engines, a travel blog will be on its way to good publicity, sooner than the owner thinks.


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