allergy (2)Few parents have the prior knowledge that their unborn child has acquired allergy from the start of lactation.  Unconscious of the food intake the baby may have sufficient allergens in his blood. It would only be a surprise that when the baby is born allergy problems are carried throughout his lifetime.

What is Allergy?

Allergy is one’s sensitivity to normally innocuous entities like dust, pollen and certain foods; an exaggerated or pathological reaction like sneezing, respiratory discomfort, itching, skin rashes, brought about by substances, environmental lifestyles or physical conditions and weather changes that are without comparable effects on the average individual.

Eczema, for example results from consumption of various foods like celery, citrus fruits, raw pepper, margarine and vegetable oil during pregnancy.  Intake of antioxidant zinc, and selenium will reduce risk of childhood onset of asthma, wheezing and eczema.

How Allergens are Managed.

It takes so long and continuous visits to the physician before allergy is discovered and combat against allergens. Allergen is the substance that induces allergy; the stimulant to hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system.  Thus the body reacts to normally harmless substances in the environment, even the food at the table.

Peach Allergy is a very common type of allergy in the Mediterranean and other countries. Araceli Diaz Peralis conducted a study and the result is her development of the three hypoallergenic variants of protein in peach.  These variants of protein were effectively used for specific immunotherapy of peach allergy and also utilized as a vaccine.

Many people think that total avoidance of any food is the treatment of allergy, other researchers object to the practice.  Specific immunotherapy is the only treatment for more severe signs of allergy progression.

On Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is done by the intake of growing doses of allergen extracts or protein variants in patients affected with peach allergy. However the mixture may also induced anaphylactic reaction or sensitivity to other allergens in the mixture. Researchers stimulated the immune system with hypoallergenic molecules, with lower ability to antibodies to use in immunotherapy.

It is not therefore the total abandon of the food causing allergy that will treat the condition.  It is also the allergen itself in the food that will heal.  This is the purpose of vaccines.  Even in measles, vaccines are provided for as treatment and cure.