job application formYour job application form stands out as the most important document necessary to get a job.  It is actually a lot more important than your CV since when the form is not proper, the recruiter will not even check out the resume.  There are too many mistakes that are made when filling the job application forms.  Make sure that you always consider the following so that you can increase your chances for consideration.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

You will surely check your CV for spelling and grammar errors.  Why not do the same with the job application form?  When the recruiter notices spelling and grammar mistakes, the application can easily be automatically dismissed.  That is especially true with larger corporations like an application for UPS or similar.  The mistakes show that you have a casual attitude and that you are careless.  If necessary, talk with someone else to take a look at the application you are about to send to be 100% sure that there are zero mistakes.  When compared with others, you will surely end up standing out because of the lack of errors.

Removing Blanks

The job application form does not need blank spaces.  You have to go through the questions that are written there carefully.  In the event that there is something that is not applicable, simply write N/A or put a straight line through the space that is provided.  When a blank appears, the recruiter is misguided into thinking that some of the questions were missed.  You surely do not want that and you can eliminate such a belief when you simply put a note right next to all questions that are not applicable.

Typed or Handwritten

One thing you may not realize is that the job application form is a lot easier to read when it is typed.  This is obviously not something that you will want to consider when looking at an online form since you do end up using your keyboard but when you submit through a regular offline channel, it is possible to increase chances of being considered by simply typing.

Whenever possible, take advantage of the e-application opportunity.  When you have to submit the form in a written version and you need to use a pen, make sure that you are patient and that you write as neatly as possible.  Make sure that you write a rough copy when you are asked to express thoughts or the answer needs to be more complex so that you can then transcribe it to the form.