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You’ve probably heard about how people became rich, millionaires even, just because of a blog they started.

And you may be wondering – how on earth do these people make money with just blogging? Well, there are many ways to do so.


The key to making money with blogging is advertising. Imagine your blog as one big online billboard, and the World Wide Web, a giant freeway with billions of people clicking by. When your blog is frequently visited and produces enough traffic, advertisers will see its potential and start posting their ads in your site. And the more ads you feature, the more money you’ll make!

When it comes to putting advertisements in your blog, there is no better partner than AdSense. It’s relatively easy to use and you don’t need too much technical know-how to set it up in your blog. And with it, you’ll have a wide network of advertisers to work with.

Sponsored Blogging

Another way of earning money through your blog is through private sponsorship. In getting private sponsorship or private ads, you will need to make your pitch before a company and sell your site to them. You’ll have to convince a company that your blogs has enough traffic to sell private ads. For shopping blogs, sponsorship is definitely a big revenue rake especially with sponsors like American Express or MasterCard backing your site.

Selling e-books

Blogging is also a way of helping people by providing them with free information. But you can also use it to generate income by selling information through e-books. Most blog masters write e-books that are usually an expanded version of their blog content and sell these e-books online. Now, if your childhood dream was to become a published author, this is the perfect avenue to make that dream come true by writing e-books!

Advertising, private sponsorship and e-book sales are just three of the many ways on how to make money through blogging. But of course, blogging isn’t just a way to make money. The best reward of blogging is to be able to express yourself and be heard.

Submitted by Kristel Acdal