tablet computers to buyTablet computers are portable alternative for a personal computer. They are typically a little bit larger than a smartphone but they can also fit in a small bag. Therefore it is a good substitute if you don’t want to carry your laptop with you. However, it cannot replace the overall performance of a laptop or personal computer.

In buying your tablet computer, be sure you have reviewed the specifications and make sure that it fits the following criteria:


Check the display. Make sure that you can tap easily on the screen. Also check for the clarity of the graphics. Make sure you can appreciate the sharpness of the images on screen. The key for a good display is the sharp, bright screen. Compare the tablet computers at their highest brightness to have a fair comparison.

It is also good to provide an adhesive screen protector as it could mitigate some glare as well as to prevent the screen from scratches.


The data storage for tablet computers ranges from 16 up to 64 Gigabyte. If you are fond of watching, gaming and multimedia viewing, then it is recommended that you choose the tablet computer with highest data storage.

A tablet computer with SD or micro SD card slot is a big advantage since it could enable to expand the memory by adding a removable memory card.

Operating System

Tablet computers generally are using two different operating systems: android and iOs. iOs is used in Apple tablet computers while Android are used in various brands of tablet computer. Choosing between the two is usually a matter of taste.

Apple iOs has a superior application quality with 650,000+ applications available and with 30 billion downloads. On the other hand, Android is an open source OS which means it is customizable and 600,000 applications available with over 20 billion downloads.

External Ports

Tablet computers have lean sets of ports. Usually they only have an audio jack and a dock connector. However, some tablet computers provide USB ports and HDMI ports which allow you to connect them to TV and other entertainment system. There are also external ports available on the market.


Tablet computers usually have two cameras: the front-facing camera and the rear camera. Front-facing camera is important particularly if you want to have a face-to face chat online or you want to take an image of yourself.  Also consider for the camera definition, the megapixel should be satisfying enough that it could capture optimal quality photos.


Tablet computers should be able to connect with WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G. If the tablet computer can connect to 3G connection, it will require you to insert a simcard inside the tablet computer. Most tablet computers have WiFi connection so you can connect to any different accessible internet network. Many helpful accessories can be connected using Bluetooth like headsets, keyboard and others.

These are the following criteria in order for you to be guided about a good quality of a tablet computer. These are only guides but your personal taste would be the most accurate way to choose what tablet computer is best for you.