salad and veggiesDo you know that an average person can gain approximately one to two pounds in a year? Awful! The good news is that in order to prevent that weight gain, you will only need to consume lower than over a hundred calories per day. For some, this information may be a little too late and yet for those who really are serious enough to lose some weight for some obvious reasons, this is the time. Reduce total calories intake around 500 per day, but of course, you won’t be doing this slashing on one setting.

Taking a walk every day for 30 to 45 minutes can be very significant in weight loss. Doing this simple exercise can reduce your weight up to 1 pound in a week if you are disciplined and determined to do this. Basically, it will not be a drastic result, but small pinches like these guarantees a payoff sooner than you think.

Here are some healthy tips for your diet and weight loss program:

  • Begin your day with a salad, and take less than usual. Top the salad with low-fat, low-calorie or low-mozzarella dressings instead of the high fat options.
  • Choose a pasta recipe or soup as appetizers, instead of engorging one large hamburger.
  • Move around. Talk and walk or vice versa. When somebody calls on your cell phone, slip on your shoes quickly and take a stroll somewhere or just outside the work place. Doing this daily for 10 minutes at a faster pace can burn a whopping 1,000 calories a month and you could lose at least 3 pounds in one year. Amazing, but true.
  • Cut on your coffee intake. There are so many flavours and fancy add-ons that are now beginning to be a fad in drinking this favourite beverage. A cup shows that it can contain calories equivalent to a hefty lunch.
  • An hour of sitting can burn a hundred calories per hour and standing can burn more or less 140 calories. You can pick what you think is best if you want to drop approximately 6 pounds in a year.