Once my publisher account was disabled from Google Adsense. I was so frustrated because I had my first Adsense payment ready, and I was about to claim at Western Union. But I was not able to claim immediately because I was abroad. Then after some time, I got this email from them that “Google AdSense Account Disabled.” I read about this activity and I was hopeful I will be spared, but unluckily I was not. I even asked for re-consideration or Invalid Activity Appeal, but all I got are template replies and asking me to read their guidelines again and again. Truly, it was a disappointment.

I never learned from this incident. Well, because of course we all want to earn from our blog, at least. I have now Nuffnang, Chitika, Infolinks and  many others, and so far I keep my fingers crossed and keep on following their policies.

Then I had this Media.net, another one of those contextual advertising company. They have been in partner now with Yahoo and Bing, so I got interested when someone contacted me to be part of their publishers. I second thought that it might be a scam company. They might just disable your publisher account for not explaining the specific reasons. The classic reason is that they will just tell you have violated the Publisher Policies.  Well, that is very similar to what Adsense is doing to many of their publishers. When you asked them for a chance to rectify your alleged violation, they will stop answering your emails. Their robots will just start telling you ‘template’ answers. They will ask you to email your appeal and even the account manager stopped answering my emails for some time.

Why did I come up with this Media.net review?

The reason that I am furious about this incident is because I never applied to Media.net publisher program. This account manager contacted me to join in becoming their publisher. I was hesitant at first but due to his regular follow up, I eventually signed in. At first, they were very helpful with your inquiries. And now that instantly Media.net just suspended my account for no specific reasons, I feel like they just used my website as a test site.

How come Media.net like Adsense doesn’t care about their publishers? They don’t give very specific reasons and even they don’t give you specific statistics of where you went wrong. All we need is a proper explanation to what has gone wrong. Adsense has been doing this so long and you’ll read a lot of complaints about this, but still they are still progressing and getting richer and richer from their advertisers. I think that is an unfair way of business, but then they just said they are protecting their advertisers.

I’v been trying to work home based online in a decent manner. For just two months, I only earned from Media.net a small amount of $6.64 and they even withheld that for no clear reasons of violating the Publisher Policy.  I don’t think that their Compliance Team had arrived to a fair judgment on this issue.

Well, this article is being posted due to my disappointment. I don’t know now how to deal with this in a professional manner.

Below are some questions I have in mind while waiting for Media.net  response.

So, is Media.net a scam?

You readers can tell me that. As much as I wanted to control my temper, I like to call Media.net is a scam. Because they cheat on me by not answering my queries and not giving me a chance to correct whatever alleged violation I made.

Is Media.net fair to deal with in business?

I guess not because they don’t worry if they wasted the time and efforts of their publishers. If they think you violate invalid clicks, why won’t they just disregard that invalid clicks?

Will I recommend Media.net to other bloggers and publishers?

Of course not. Media.net is a waste of time.

All I can think of now is to get over with this incident. I just hope that I could find a decent company that will help small publishers like my site. I’m not even sure if Media.net worth this space on my blog. The only good thing about this Media.net review is they show their true colors in just two months. As compared to Adsense, it allowed you to reach the minimum cash out before telling you that your account was disabled right there and then when you are about to cash out.

Then, there was the precious untimely answer to my Appeal.

The account manger then replied. It seemed so long time, but then I saw that it was 3 days. I had the answer I wanted to read and that is, the traffic quality of my blog to be unacceptably low on multiple occasions.

Well, they must have include this reason to the Media.net suspension account notice sent by the Compliance Team. In any case, up to this time I have no intention of submitting my other blogs to Media.net Publisher Program, and not even with Google Adsense.