The best weekend getaway, that’s what Singapore brings to mind of many tourists. Marked as one of the world’s busiest ports, what does it really offer? You may be hearing a lot about Singapore, but having been there should be your primary goal to really know what are the tops places to visit in Singapore.

You can get insights from people who have been there as well. But the best thing is to experience these places in Singapore.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Singapore, as the world knows, is a highly urbanized city-state south of Malaysia and some 85 miles north of the equator. In a highly urbanized city-state, it seems that there is no place for a rainforest, but if you visit Singapore, there is. A 400 acre forest area stands, 12 kilometers from Singapore’s Downtown Core, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, declared ASEAN Heritage Park is a “must-be-in-the-list” place to visit. With its 163.63 meter height, it is the highest hill in Singapore. Holding over 800 species of flowering plants and over 500 species of fauna, it is considered one of the most productive pieces of nature. Visit Singapore and see Bukit Timah, an adventurer’s spot for hiking, mountain-biking, and rock climbing.


Singapore, being a small state is surprisingly multicultural. If you are looking for a complete tour package, the Island Resort of Sentosa is the best pick. When you visit Singapore, you will discover the taste of authentic Singaporean dishes as it caters a wide selection of diners and food, serving the world’s best and famous. You can hop around souvenir shops and discover the historic Fort Siloso. Then you can experience one of Asia’s steepest zip line or walk along its sandy beaches. You will be able to get a relaxing massage afterward, enjoying a golf with some colleagues. Watch the island from Singapore’s highest observation tower here in Sentosa. One major to do here is roam around Universal Studios Singapore theme park and have a water adventure. While here in Sentosa when you visit Singapore, you will be able to get close to nature even if you are staying your choice of hotel. Indeed, there are more to do here in Sentosa.


Singapore escapade will not be complete without its tourist icon in the background of your pictures, the famous Merlion. Two of the Merlion’s images stand on the grounds of the Merlion Park. This is a landmark near the state’s Central Business District. The Merlion Park, located at the Marina Bay, gives a nice evening view of the city’s Central Business District skyline. While on its back, there lies the Esplanade Theater, Marina Bay Floating Stadium, and the Singapore Flyer across the bay. The park is a practical spot when you visit Singapore, being located near the city’s Downtown Core. It makes the park very ideal if you have a plan on shopping, dining, and roaming around the city.

You must visit Singapore to experience these three famous places. It will become a wonderful experience and a worthwhile trip.