Foot PedalTosca on Mon, May 3, 2010 at 6:40 PM

While looking up into a job search database, I stumbled upon ads for transcriptionist, editors, and so on… It came to my senses that this could be a very easy work, until I heard from an old friend about his experience in applying to a transcription company.

I believe that a transcriptionist should be very keen about details. The work involves listening to a voice file regarding conversations, discussions or dictation, then encoding or typing whatever he/she is listening to, at the same time.  A transcriptionist requires the skill of being familiar basically with language (grammar, comprehension, punctuations, literature) a good sense of hearing and ability to understand diction or voice inflections, especially if you will be listening to an audio file with a Western accent. A fairly fast typing skill is also a must. Not only these but also being familiar with the topic of what he or she is transcribing, like for example a medical transcriptionist should posses and extent knowledge regarding medical terms/vocabulary, abbreviations and other matters regarding the medical field in order for one to transcribe effectively and precisely.

I believe that the transcripitionist’s work entails a cycle of understanding, technical skills in writing and knowledge about grammar – one must understand the meaning and context of whatever he/she hears to be able to transcribe it effectively and obtain a quality work. You have to input data accurately and must capture the flow of discussion from what you are hearing into what you will be transcribing. I think that it is a system of listening, writing or encoding and editing work for precise result and obtaining a quality work.

That is how I see the work of a transcriptionist. I am sure that in order to be a good transcriptionist, one must be analytical, learn how to make good use of language, and can multitask, since you are listening and writing at the same time. A transcriptionist must also be committed to work, and be able to meet set deadlines and have the passion to accurately focus in listening and transcribing. Now I came to realize that it is not an easy job – one need to have a handful of talents and skills but could be easy, as long as you have the heart and passion for work and commitment.