Being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia, you can travel in various Middle East Countries or more particularly in GCC or Gulf Cooperating Council countries including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and of course all various cities Saudi Arabia. You can travel two ways: You can drive via land in some countries or you can also get cheap flights from your favorite travel sites or agents.

Travelling to Bahrain can be very convenient for Filipinos who are wanting to take a break from the restrictions in Saudi Arabia. Since Bahrain is fairly an ‘open city’, similarly to Dubai, meaning the law is more flexible for non-Muslims expatriates. But, yes if you are an OFW in Bahrain, you must still respect their laws.

Why OFWs travel to Bahrain from Saudi Arabia?

Working in the Middle East makes OFWs miss their home country the Philippines. They may want to have some time to have a break from work, so they look for places where they can freely practice being a Filipino.

Common Reasons are:

  • Spend the Saudi Holiday vacation like Eid-al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) or Eid ul-Adha (End of Hajj) in Bahrain. Often, there are long days off as long as 5 or more days because most companies observe this.
  • Spend Usual Filipino Holidays like Christmas and New Year. OFWs secure a day off or use their allowed leave from work, so they could celebrate because in Bahrain you can see Christmas trees in Malls and there are New Year’s Events in various hotels or night clubs.
  • Eat and Drink. Alcohol and pork is available in Bahrain, so OFWs get to enjoy theme here – of course without intention of bringing them to Saudi Arabia.

Basic Requirements to travel in Bahrain from Saudi Arabia

What makes Filipinos qualified to travel in various GCC countries is being them a resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An OFW in Saudi Arabia carries their Iqama or the resident ID for expatriates. This ID makes you qualified to travel making sure your profession indicated in your Iqama is within the acceptable list of profession as per their regulations. If not, you may need to secure a travel visa before your planned travel. In Bahrain, they are seemingly welcoming more people (Arabs or expatriates) to visit their country. It is very usual to see Filipinos from Saudi Arabia visiting Bahrain for short vacation or during weekends.

If you’re an OFW in Saudi Arabia, and planning to travel in Bahrain make sure to prepare and make available the following:

  • Your Exit-Reentry Visa from your Saudi Employer.
  • Your Philippine passport.
  • Your Iqama – Resident ID in Saudi Arabia (a copy with stamp is required or better bring the original copy when allowed by the Employer).
  • Your Hotel Booking if applicable or if visiting a friend or relative, make sure to have their contact information and home address including their employer details.

How to Get To Bahrain from Saudi Arabia

You can travel to Bahrain from Saudi Arabia by air or by land. In any chosen way, OFWs require to secure an Exit-Reentry Visa from their Sponsor or Employer. This is needed for immigration requirements in both countries.

  • Via The King Fahd Cause Way.
  • Via The King Khaled International Airport (Riyadh) to Bahrain International Airport.
  • Via The King Fahd International Airport (Dammam) to Bahrain International Airport.