Zumba FitCellulites are very normal and ordinary conditions in the body. They generally look like bumps, bulges and dimples particularly in the abdomen, thighs, arms and even breasts. Fats are sometimes associated with cellulites but in reality, fats are caused by inadequate production of protein. However, connective tissues under the skin trap considerable amounts of fluid which is the cause of cellulite formations.

1. Diet and Exercise 

One of the significant factors which we do not have any control with is the genetics or hereditary aspects. Oftentimes, our physical and physiological appearances are the most affected areas of our body. In order to prevent the occurrence of cellulites, we need to evaluate the nutritional value and diet that we are engaged into. Increased sugar intakes, salt, fats, dairy intakes should be properly evaluated and if possible limited. Water is also relatively important and helps minimize the emergence of these cellulites. In addition, water flushes away toxins which are stored in the body.

Another substantial factor to stay healthy and fit is by engaging in an exercise. Our body should be physically active in order to make our bones strong, toned, and to enable our organs and system function appropriately and properly. In addition, exercise workout also helps reduce the emergence of cellulites. 

Women are more likely to be affected by cellulites because they have more connective tissues and fats compared to men. Cellulites can be categorized into three types; mild, which means it is visible to the eyes; severe, observed to have minor changes in the skin but is also visible, and the most severe, where there is a more noticeable change, roughness and disproportionate that are highly evident.

2.  Herbal solutions

  • Rosemary. This particular herb promotes circulation which is useful enough to prevent cellulite formations. This can be simply used as an essential oil or can be mixed with a base oil and apply directly to the affected areas. If you notice some allergies, stop the use immediately and try other herbal solutions.
  • Gotu Kola. This type commonly grows in tropical areas. Proper use stimulates blood circulation, increases the chances for connective tissues to form which results in formation of new collagen, which is a body chemical that makes the skin tighter and firmer. This aids in the flushing of toxins and cellulites as well.
  • Dandelion.  Flushes toxins and extreme wastes in the body as well as protecting the liver from potential injury. Dandelion can be in a form of tea, extract, capsule or tablet.