I used to think that to be able to get quality work in transcription, I must be typing way around 100 wpm. But then, I began to be annoyed with what I can do. I am a transcriptionist but I can only type around between 35-40 wpm. I used to fail job applications because some companies require above 60 wpm. I remember one time I reached 50 wpm in my tests but this I got only for several attempts.

Since I started to learn typing to do my undergraduate thesis in college, I never got out my hands to type with what I like. I mean to type not following the correct finger assignment. Good thing that there is Autocorrect in MS Word that I can cheat some time to reach the 500 lines a day during my early days as a transcriptionist.

One lucky moment is when I passed initial screening in People Support (now, Aegis People Support). The first screening included typing test and I think the passing mark is 35 wpm. I don’t know how I managed to reach 40 wpm in my first attempt and so I passed. I remember half of the applicants that time was sent home. Of course, the initial screening also included English Comprehension Test to pass.

I blog one time about my typing skill, and I think I will never learn to do the right thing because of my stubbornness. All I know is I can type faster while listening to voice file rather than copy typing.