Christmas Season is about to end, and everyone had sent their greeting cards all done. It has been accustomed also for companies or blog owners to send their holiday greetings to their website or Facebook Page followers. I would want to create a unique digital greeting card or infographics but my skills are limited – or my ideas maybe are limited.

Using a Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR, I made an attempt to create a digital greeting card. I still want to improve my digital photography skills, thinking I might use it also for my other internet related jobs. I also had some time thinking of being a food photographer maybe, which can be advantageous because of my interests in food preparation and my love to taste different cuisines. At some point, through photography I am also thinking selling digital blog photos for blog owners who are constantly looking to add image to support their articles.

Now for this digital photo Christmas greeting card I made using the image I took from the Christmas Tree in our house didn’t catch much attention from my Facebook friends. Or maybe, I posted the greeting card too late which I only added a text using Photoshop.

In this digital greeting card, I liked what I made for the horizontal text effects having the outer glow on layer style using Photoshop. Well, this is very simple because I need to practice more my Photoshop skills. As with the photograph, good thing there is a bokeh  of the gold Christmas ball highlighting the angel ornament.

Creating this digital greeting cards took me so much time than it should be. Sometime, it’s really frustrating that my graphics design skills and digital photography skills are very limited. Anyway, I like the end result this time.