VK Social NetworkWho said that dogs are men’s best friend? It is a fact that even man’s best friend has become digital in this day and age. Whatever happens to a man’s daily life; everybody gets updated just by seeing it in one’s social media account.

Facebook is a perfect place for some due to its amazing features that could connect friends and strangers all around different places on Earth. While in China, people is mad over the Sina Weibo. But don’t you know that there is an equivalent site that lately got more attention from internet users?

Popular in Russia, VK is taking over the rank of Facebook as the most preferred social media by most especially the Russians. For over 50 million users, it has attracted mostly teenagers because of two factors: they can find erotic partners and can also freely watch reproduced movies. This social media site is clearly far from Facebook which does not promote this kind of activities.

Apparently, VK is a social network but works more like a dating service site.  It boasts its search function since you can easily search what you are looking for by setting in your preferences. You can find anyone to be your partner, be it for sexual or not. This might be harmful for teenagers but yet, most users of the site are teenagers. Despite of the negative appeal of the site, there are still millions of users browsing the site each day.

As mentioned, VK also allows users to browse and stream pirated movies. All kinds of movies ranging from animated, family-oriented, adventure, sci-fi, horror, indie, comedy, love stories, and more categories are mostly available in the site. Though this is illegal, it is known that in places like Asia, North America and some places in Europe, piracy is a pastime for many online users. Piracy is surely a big burden to those who produce movies and it is a sad reality.

VK is being offered in making some moves to manage the site well and do something about the movie piracy. It might result to losing some good target audiences but will surely rise later on just like Facebook.