obesityBehind the Pounds

There are numerous people in the world, and to take a small demographic from them, there are 70% of people in the United States that are obese. Obesity has been associated with excessive food consumption and is related to a country’s net income, yet increasingly, obesity has been prevalent, as well, in less-earning countries and third world countries. If many people neglect proper obesity treatment, there will be an increase in these numbers.

Even children can become obese. In many countries, this condition is common. This can be due to various unhealthy food outlets in other countries, coupled with neglectful lifestyles and lack that constitute being overweight.

America is notorious for being the world’s most overweight country. This is because they have a big portion for food. At a younger age, children are at risk of the debilitating effects of obesity. Obesity is a medical condition of being at risk for other diseases because you tip the scales.

Some of the reasons of what causes obesity is an unhealthy lifestyle. Some illnesses such as arthritis can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting on the couch after eating because you feel pain can definitely add on the pounds.

Eating too much bad foods or unhealthy foods without the proper means to work it off can lead to a gradual piling of fat deposits in your body which could garner you the condition of being morbidly obese, or those who are 50-100% above their best targeted weight. Being morbidly obese is a greater problem than being moderately obese. The implications are more severe.

People can become obese by having a lifestyle wherein fat piles up in their body and doesn’t get to be burned as efficiently as it is taken in. This means that you simply add on the pounds because you don’t have the means to burn it off to maintain your thinner figure. End result? A heavier physique.

This can also run in the family simply by following your parents’ negative eating habits and patterns. Some have a genetic predisposition to harboring the pounds, which can be traumatic when coupled with the wrong psychological outlook.

What is the Energy Balance?

Energy represented by calories you take in equals the amount you take out through exercise or vigorous activity. To maintain your current physique, the energy balance must be equal.

Obesity doesn’t just include a negative body image but has various health implications as well. The most popular diseases that are involved in obesity are heart disease, diabetes, higher blood pressure, and cancer. The body system has altered because of the excess fat deposits. This means that your body is different not only outside but inside as well.

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