Typists have their own reasons why they work. Some works for money to prepare for a better future. They just work, work and work all they can until they get weary and exhausted. At first, they were excited but after several weeks, they get stressed. With the same routine every day, you will notice that you get tired and disappointed.

If you get stressed doing your typing jobs, you may not love what you’re doing. You don’t have the passion to relish the great pleasure of typing. You don’t delight the beauty hearing every taps of your fingers against the key while typing.

So what you should do when stressed typing? Simply love what you’re doing. Treat it as a habit. Relish the great pleasure of typing. Dance with every tap that your fingers make as it pushes against the key. Enjoy typing to the fullest as your fingers glide over the keyboard so beautifully that it is like playing a piano.

By loving what you do, which is typing, it will help you feel less tired. You’ll feel like you are not working at all and can also help you type faster. How does it help you type faster?  It is because when you love it, you will feel the rhythm that can help you type quicker. Believe it or not, it can actually and definitely make you reach your desired speed and even more than that.

So never frown, never scowl, never glower and love typing with passion to have a faster and better typing speed. This is what you should do when stressed typing.