blog death RIPDeath will come to us at any time and sometime unforeseen via accidents. If you are a blogger, most of your life events are documented through your posts. You may wonder, what happens to your blog when you die. In principle, your blog domain name will expire in due time based on how you pay online usually on yearly basis. The same happens on your website hosting where all your data are stored.

Since death is inevitable, you can at least prepare your blog from just being lost in the cyberspace. You value much you blog especially if it is one of your income generating activities online. You can treat your blog as an asset that can be transferred to your family or friends. all you need to do is explain to someone you trusted much that it is important to understand why you need to give some ‘burden’ or fortune. When you get sick and waiting for your time. it can be easy because you make a statement about your hard-earned blog.

In any of these instances whether announced or unannounced death, you can be ready at this very moment so you will not be worried what happens to your blog when you die.

Well, you blog mainly to have a personal diary of your life events or write something about your life – hobbies, interests, beliefs, opinions etc… You may want to keep these all still online when you die for your family and friends to see.

So, what are the things to prepare before you die, or else your blog also dies with you. These things are suggested especially if your blog is a money earner. It should be contained in a flash drive or in your laptop or desktop. This should contain a Word document containing one or all of these depending on how you feel fit securing these data. Make sure to secure this in a safe place.

  • Password to your laptop. A text note containing password to access your laptop in a flash drive.
  • Your  Domain Name / Web Hosting Provider Details.
  • WordPress or Blogger login.
  • PayPal details
  • Affiliate details.
  • Advertiser details and everything else.

Each one of us has his own way how to secure these details. If your blog earns huge amount of money, you can deposit these  details in a safe box in a bank.

Upon realization of these all, how would you prepare your blog when you die? Tell us your views on this topic by commenting below.