We usually converse with friends or family. It is a better way of understanding each other’s opinions or sentiments. When it comes to interviews, we may be a little bit restrained answering because at times we want to give the best answers. It is ideal to blog interviews. You have a more concise transcript to blog.

When you ask a person two or more questions, it can be an interview. You seek answers to questions you may be in doubt if your thinking is the same as what others people do. It is also beneficial if you blog this interview so you can go back and read your blog to reminisce your conversation with this person.

You share your interview with others as well when you blog your interviews. You are able to give insights to others about a certain topic you discussed in the interview. More and more people will have the chance to read and they can give their opinions as well.

When you do an interview, you extract more topics that can be a possible article for your blog. You tend to blog more on your website. This is also a good indication of getting more quality contents in your blog.

Your blog also increases the credibility rating when you blog posts about popular individuals. People are more likely to read your blog and get interested if you have fascinating interviews.

More importantly when you blog your interviews, you are able to exercise your mind by taking time to write, post and share about your conversation with persons with the same interests as you are.