block Facebook games invites requestsI often receive Facebook game invites.  I am not sure if my Facebook friends know that they are sending these requests or invites from CandyCrush, Criminal Case, and others.  I find these games requests annoying because many times I’m notified, I’m prompted to open the notifications.   Many times I ignore them, but then when I see my game requests; It has been filed up.  But it didn’t come to a point where I plan to deactivate my Facebook account

I’ve been thinking of blocking these Facebook game requests.  I’ve seen one article how to do this, and finally I have done it.  I’m not sure if new games become popular, I think I need to block them again.  The blocking of Facebook game request can be done per game only NOT for all the games.

Here is what you can do to block Facebook games invites: 

1.  Login to your Facebook account. 

2. Go to your games activity here on Facebook.

3. Select the game app you want to block Facebook game invite and click the button “X.”  This will start to decline all new requests to play this Facebook game from your friends.

4.  As an option, you can also click “ignore all requests from” so you will not receive another invite from that specific friend again.  

You can’t block all game requests at one time.  The only way you can do this is when a game request is sent to you, you can start blocking this one and no more other friend will be able to send a new request for that game. Anyway, your Facebook friend will not be notified when you block their Facebook game request. 

To make my point clear, I’m really annoyed getting these notifications about Facebook game request.  Primary reason is I don’t play games in any format neither in Facebook nor in any mobile phone app.  Checking these notifications is time consuming for me, so I’d rather block them.