The advent of technology has resulted in increasing number of people getting attracted towards smartphones, iPads, and now the latest growing trend the tablet PC. The latest versions are Flytouch 6 and Flytouch 7. The appealing feature of these devices is that they are touch screen devices. You can carry out various functionalities like listening to music, downloading videos, taking photos, playing online games, ready online e-books. This was all about the fun quotient.

Even professionals can use this device to access their e-mails. They can also carry out their office work as these devices have all office features like PowerPoint, Excel and Word applications that can be used.

Another advantage of these tablets is that the device is extremely portable as a result they can be carried to any place with extreme ease.  The average weight of these Android devices is less than 1 kg! The earlier existing computers, portability was out of question, and even laptops lie on the heavier side.  These pocket PC’s can be carried out in hand like our smart phones.

The increasing demand of these Android tablets has led to reduction in their costs as well. You would find many online sites that would offer best price offers so that you can afford to buy this luxurious piece and get it home.

When you compare their price range with iPad they are much cheaper. This is because of the Android operating system code is freely available in market. As a result, web developers are striving for creating more and more innovative applications that can be used on tablet PC. Another advantage is that since Android is open source even the competitor companies like Samsung are using this as the base operating system for their devices like smart phones. The graphical interface created over this OS is appealing as a result it tends to attract more and more customers.

The early bird operating system introduced which gained a lot of popularity was Android 2.1 and latest version that is out in market is Android 4.0.

In terms of platform sharing too Android tablets have exhibited flexibility on larger scale. In an elaborative sense, same set of hardware is used all across the manufacturing companies. Even the hardware utilities are made open source, as a result chip installations can be done on any tablet PCs easily. This is one of the greatest advantages of Android in hardware sense.

With so many options existing in market, you can read online reviews of these products. You can then compare the prices of all these products in market. You can focus on what are your key requirements and what would be the usage of the tablet PC in your day to day activities. Electronic devices along with style need to be efficient enough with the features they provide.  And then take the decision of buying the right tablet PC for you. If you are yet confused, you can ask your friends and relatives if anyone has recently purchased tablet PC. With so many inputs you can definitely get this wonder machine at your home!

This is a guest post by Arnold Creste, who is one of the leading experts in the technology field. He has impressive knowledge about the latest trends existing in a Flytouch 7 & Technology.