Taksim Square Istanbul Turkey

After a visit from the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, I came to find myself in the middle of one of the most modern cities in Turkey – in Istanbul. Here we stayed in a hotel near Istiklal Avenue where Taksim Square is nearly located.

It is really astonishing that this part of Turkish Europe is established in this city of Istanbul. Taksim was and still is, the very heart of the city of Istanbul. Before, it is the center for water distribution from the northern to the south part of Istanbul. Now it is a hub for everything. All of it surrounds one of the most important pieces of history – the monument of the Republic, carved by Pietro Canonica.

As I see the overcrowded people walking, shopping and dining, I can’t help but smile. The city is lively and full of colors, which is very comforting. I always lived in a city for there are comforts here that I fancy about – luxurious hotels, subways and busses. Of course, a city would not be complete without dining places. I can see various popular fast food chains and local restaurants side by side. As I walk along towards Taksim Square, passing the busy street of Istikal Caddesi, I see most of the tourist – like me, go shopping. It really is long walk, but the sites and attraction of this avenue make up for it. It really is lined with restaurants and beautiful galleries.

Visiting Taksim Square is a must when you’re in Istanbul. It is one great spot if you are into bars, for there are many establishments nearby here that you might like. I, on the other hand, feasts my eyes seeing the streets for various Turkish food being sold in red carts. I was hesitant to buy something to eat while walking. I saw roasted chestnuts, grilled corn in a cob, pretzels-like bread called Simit , fresh fruits and some kind fresh mussels (I wasn’t sure about but it was stuffed mussels according to some other food blogs) where they only squeeze some lemon on top and eat. Well, of course I had various Turkish kebabs that filled my hungry stomach from previous group tours, so I did not look for kebab stores anymore. The square is overflowing with people, especially during weekends. I am always on guard with what I do like taking photos because I wasn’t sure and had not seen much tourists taking photos. Although in my opinion, I can say that Taksim is a safe place.

Taksim Square Istanbul in Turkey

Visiting Taksim Square in Turkey is like seeing another side of a person. The personality and character of this city is very different from its neighboring cities. It is a heart, where life beats, and the people are the blood that runs the city. My experience with Taksim is nothing extraordinary, but I know that if I did not visit this city, my Turkish tour would not be complete.