winamp shutdownVarious media applications are multiplying all over the world, owing to the expertise of man.  It has contributed much to the various media system’s innovation.  Kudos!!! to the founders of Winamp, one of the oldest and relied upon media player application.

Well, all of a sudden! Last November 20, 2013 AOL announced that Winamp would stop to operate and “the software would no longer be available for downloading” on December 20, 2013. The digital music file player and visualizer for Windows will officially be discontinued. But, who really cares if Winamp is shutting down.

The news was surely intricate and disappointing, not only to the concerned  founders but to the users, as well.  Customarily, they have utilized the site and the media player. Fans patronize Winamp not merely for its prestige and popularity but for the music systems offered for the last 15 years.  It has become a best friend to users.

Founded by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev, former students of the University of Utah,  Winamp came about from the concept of developing a software more interesting and attractive to  the public.  They integrated their Windows user interface with Advance Multimedia Products “AMP (MP3 technology)” and the outcome was Winamp.  A freeware in l997, it was later developed as a shareware.

Why then did AOL decided to buy Nullsoft after Frankel founded it? There seem to  be a complexity of situations. Numerous merging came after one another, Amp with media player, the success of which resulted to the announcement of the shutdown of  Winamp… a big blow to the founders. Furthermore, Nullsoft improvement was credited to Ben Allison and Maksim Trytryshny.

Whatever sufficient reasons go behind all these, AOL and Frankel might have a common agreement, but how about the users of Winamp?  They are much affected by the closure.  They had depended on Winamp for 15 years downloading.  But then, the public must accept it at the outset that something is always to happen in the end.  Despite of all the guesses, fans will always treasure the software that formed the central part of online music’s evolution through Frankel and Dohenyev.  But can’t Adam be given what Adam’s is?

Winamp was founded by Frankel and Dohenyev, students of the College of  engineering of the University of Utah by integrating their Windows user interface with Advanced Multimedia Products.  Later Frankel founded the Nullsoft, which later was bought by AOL. After several mergers, AOL announced the shutdown of Winamp last November 20, 2013.