men and womenDo we still experience gender discrimination?

Well, in some cases yes this is still happening and it is quite unavoidable especially in some countries that don’t treat women equally to men. This kind of action is seen in different situations whether it is in the workplace, school setting, or a typical day to day routine. No one deserves this kind of treatment or harassment because it doesn’t only wreck a person’s confidence but it can change her life negatively.

However, the US Army changed this sex discrimination idea and used both men and women in a series of combat drills regardless of gender. This unisex test was done to enhance the performance of the volunteer soldiers in tasks like moving a wounded soldier to safety, loading heavy anti-tank missiles, and removing barrels from armored trucks. All these drills are familiar to men but completely new to women soldiers.

The Pentagon decided to allow women to be trained for combat jobs by 2016. This also means that usual physical fitness measures will be more extreme and aside from sit-ups, push-ups, and mile runs, the commanders wanted to develop a test that precisely imitates vigorous tasks that combat troops are obliged to do.

Most women that started with this combat training are having a hard time coping with the military men in the base. Nevertheless, once they get to rehearse and familiarize their body with the new routine it becomes easier for them. The commanders that are issuing the training give fair judgments for both genders heedlessly of upper-body strength, speed and mental stability.

This kind of opportunity given to army women in being part of the combat service puts an end to the military barriers that female soldiers face their entire lives. This allows women to exert their overall skills and prove to their commanders that they can be qualified for the job that men are entitled to do. The point of the US Army in opening jobs for women is to not pinpoint that anyone can pass their test, but to give the job to both male and female soldiers that are skilled and trained for the job.