wordpress pluginWhen you are planning to start a website, you are looking at various options available in the form of the content management systems that are in large numbers. At the end of the day, it is the CMS you choose that will determine how much control you have on your website and how versatile you would be able to make it.

While there is an immeasurable option box for you to open and choose your most preferred CMS, we would recommend WordPress. There are various reasons that push WordPress above and beyond its blogging platforms peers and perch it as the very best CMS that is there on the web realm.

Among the many capabilities and features that make WordPress such a powerful platform for hosting your website, the plugins it makes available take the biggest share of vote. This CMS tosses at you a sweeping range of highly resourceful plugins. For each functionality, there are dozens of plugins being developed everyday and it depends on what you need, you can pick your choice.

Let us look at three plugins that are among the very best tools that WordPress has to offer you:


You won’t be most likely to grab many eyeballs for your website if you are leveraging the power of social media. Social media is a great platform to let people know your website and talk about it among their social circles – be it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit or any other platform. And this is where you need some plugins that make the exercise of empowering your site’s social media capabilities so that you don’t have to do everything manually. ShareThis injects some social media buttons on each post on your site so that the readers can share it with their friends, ensuring more and more traffic on the website.


Starbox is a very useful tool for websites that contain content rich articles. These websites require that under each content article, there is a visually rich author bio with an image, some lines of text and links to the social media profiles of the writer. Social box gives you all this and much more. This is a highly responsive plugin that works with all the versions of WordPress. Also, there is a lot of freedom in regards to the location of author bio on the page. You don’t have to go the traditional way to display the author bio box under the articles. If you wish it to be at the top, Starbox gives you that facility


Many bloggers complain about the lack of flexibility in regards to the fonts they wish to use on their blogs. The default settings of most CMSs do not leave room for personalizing or customizing the fonts in particular posts. That is when you look for a tool which will do the same for you. Wp-Typography is that tool, that offers you with a cluster of options to tailor the font in a way you deem perfect for any particular post. Also, you can auto-wrap your URLs.

Choose one plugin that suits your needs the best and install it easily on your WordPress blog to leverage the advantages it can lend you with.

About the Contributor:  Maria Mincey is blogger who loves technologies and marketing. She currently works as a chief writer of Xicom Technologies – Offshore Web Development and she has a lot of experience to share. Follow her on Twitter: @mariamincey64