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Friday, October 23, 2020

Would you want to stay in a place where there are facilities and amenities with high-quality service and offers everything at a very reasonable price? Then, when in Boracay, look for Residencia Boracay Hotel.  It is a three-star hotel, which is very comfortable and cozy located at Boat Station 1, accessible near restaurants, bars and other resorts. This is a 3 star hotel with a 5 star accommodation experience.

Residencia Boracay Hotel is owned and operated by a family, the goal of which is to provide a home away from a home, offering a place when a visitor can totally forget about his works and busy schedules, and just relax and enjoy the beauty of the island, the beach and the white sand. Boracay is the haven for tourists who wants to explore the clear waters, and to emerge the mind and body into an experience of total unwinding.

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The hotel simply offers the best, without hurting your pockets. Each room is air conditioned, with its own bathroom, a television set, internet services, and a minibar. There is a choice of a variety of rooms, all available depending on the need of the customers. Each room has its own private balcony, to have a good view of the beach front, with a cool breeze, and less crowded beach waters. Whether you enjoy the waters or just lazily enjoy sunbathing or sitting on the balcony taking some coffee, the hotel is just perfect.

Facilities are not that extravagant but because it is located at the beach front, one can have the choice of spending the time resting in the hammocks, and kids can play in the area under your watchful eye. The hotel actually depicts a family-oriented ambiance that can be enjoyed by any family on vacation.

What Residencia Boracay Hotel is actually proud of being the best service the staff had been trained about. The guests are given the treatment like a member of the family, because the hotel’s focus is to make the visitors happy and satisfied through valued assistance and detailed attention they deserve.

Food is also prepared home styled, fresh, cooked and served hot and simply delicious. What is basically important is to get to a place where it is designed to be clean, comfortable and offers good service at a price remarkably affordable.

More information is available in Residencia Boracay Hotel website:

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Top of my list when visiting Palawan, the Philippines is to experience the world-renowned Puerto Princesa Underground River. I do not know what to expect, although I am hearing good news that it is worthy to do the tour. Various online reviews are telling it is a must-see place when in Palawan.

So, in May 2015, It was the time when I decided to visit Palawan.  I made a separate hotel booking in Sabang, Puerto Princesa primarily for convenience in visiting the Puerto Princesa Underground River. I also wanted to experience seeing the other beach side of Palawan called the Sabang beach. I was only basing this assumption that there are somehow more places to visit in Sabang Beach when I checked the Sabang in Google Maps.

I made the correct decision that I spent a night in Sabang. The travel from Puerto Princesa City Airport to Sabang is very tiring. The road has so much curves and slopes and at times some slight steep turns; maybe because of the mountainous terrain. It took us 3 hours to reach the hotel. Good thing, the hotel staff in Amos Digue Pension House was helpful in getting us a private van because we missed the last trip of the Lexus Shuttle Service (5 pm usually from the airport). The flight was delayed more than 1 hour and 45 minutes from Manila as expected from Cebu Pacific.

Reaching the hotel Amos Digue Pension House in Sabang, Puerto Princesa City, my daughter and I were tired. We immediately slept after a quick hot instant noodles for dinner. Good thing, there were still sari-sari stores open. I gave to the hotel staff the payment for the permit going to the Puerto Princesa Underground River as suggested because he will arrange that early morning.

I found out that it is preferable to get a hotel in Sabang when taking the Puerto Princesa Underground River tour because the hotels/inns/cottages here have allocation given by the municipal government for the permit. If you’re doing the tour your way, booking can be made a month before your planned tour. The other option is to ask your hotel anywhere in Palawan (mostly hotel near in Puerto Princesa City proper) to arrange the tour because most of them have counterpart hotels in Sabang.


When I outsourced my audio transcription jobs, a number of applicants inquired about my home-based job posting. At that time, I received numerous e-mails that most of them have experience working in a call center.

As for my home-based audio transcription job opening, there are few points that I notice why they (call center agents or CCAs) like to venture into this new career that is somehow similar in some aspects mainly being an outsourced jobs.

Here are some facts that make call center agents suitable to do audio transcription at home.

  1. Outstanding English language comprehension.
    Call center agents believe they have the edge to do audio transcription work because of their excellent English proficiency. In fact, a transcriptionist is required to be exceptional in English comprehension.

  2. Speedy typing. 
    Most of them have the capability of typing more than 40 words per minute. This is an advantage being an audio transcriptionist.  You will be able to produce more files and consequently earn more. Of course, quality of work must be observed while working for quantity. 

  3. Familiarity with voice files. 
    Most of the call center agents have experience typing voice mails so they know how to type while hearing the voice of the client.  This is an advantage for them because somehow they only use the keyboard to manipulate the audio player.  Majority of audio transcriptionists, particularly medical transcriptionists, are dependent on the foot pedal. 

Indeed, the willingness to learn new skills by the call center agents is very impressive.  Even if they are tired doing work mostly at night; they still feel energetic to do home-based work.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

This image from shows a graphic representation of TB mode of infection.

Tuberculosis, more commonly known to Filipinos as TB, is a lethal, infectious disease. Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis; an airborne type of bacteria which characteristically attacks the lungs, but may also affect and spread to other parts of the body. When someone with an active TB infection coughs, sneezes, shout, laugh or otherwise put out respiratory fluids through the air, which causes the bacteria to be suspended in the air. Most infections may not manifest any symptom at early stages and may be latent, but about one out of ten latent infection cases does eventually progresses to an active disease case.

Tuberculosis is ranked at number six leading cause of death in the Philippines, having 73 Filipinos dead each day.  It is essential to increase public’s awareness and proper knowledge to fight this deadly disease.

Here are most common misconceptions that Filipinos should be educated of:

1. TB is a disease only the poor and dirty can catch.

Anyone can acquire TB. People usually tend to unfairly and incorrectly associate this disease to people with low socioeconomic status and poor hygiene. Although there are certain risk factors for exposure, about anyone, whatever or whoever, can acquire TB. It is highly incorrect to judge a person to be a possible TB case, by basing on appearance and socioeconomic status.


2. My PPD test turned positive because of my BCG vaccination.

Having a history of BCG vaccination will cause a always cause a positive PPD test, is a one of the topmost misconception about TB, even to those who are in the medical field. This is untruthful.  BCG vaccines are used to protect people to certain types of TB forms and respectively it can cause false-positive result, but 10 years after the BCG vaccine has been administer, it has been scientifically proven this effect vanishes after 10 years.  Therefore it’s safe to say, that a positive result in an adult is not due to the BCG vaccine they got as a child.

3. Acquiring TB is easy.

Though it is true that TB is highly communicable, because of its easy transmission, it is essential to know that risk for transmission requires prolonged, continuous and close contact exposure to a TB case.  Understandably, those at utmost risk are household contacts or individuals who share the same crowded, small, poorly ventilated spaces with a TB case.  So therefore it can be concluded, that brief encounters, even if face to face, are unlikely to cause infection.

4. An individual with TB should separate their eating utensils from others.

This is highly incorrect. Tuberculosis bacteria typically attack the lungs, and spread its colonies there henceforth. It is not present in the mouth of a TB case as well as in the saliva this individual. Therefore, it is unnecessary to separate the eating utensils and other personal stuff of a known TB case.

These four misconceptions by Filipinos about TB are just a few among others. But with proper education and information by health professionals, for sure these TB misconceptions will be avoided.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Nicole was a freshman in college when she first learned about transcribing. The University of the Philippines hones the best students in the country. However, some of the people who go here are not as financially stable as some are and so part-time jobs are everywhere. A batch mate asked her if she wanted to earn money by transcribing meetings of a political group in the Philippines. At first, my friend just gave me one CD full of recorded meetings. When she got the hang out of it and she was transcribing the recordings faster, she gave her two more CD's. What she needs to do to get the job done was easy and so earning money out of it was a great thing.

On her last year as an undergraduate student, Nicole needed to earn extra money because she was saving up on a lot of things that she needed to graduate. She had sent her application as a private tutor but she estimated the money she would be earning would not be enough. She needed another part-time job. Then she remembered that she did some transcribing when she was still a freshman.

She had a hard time looking for a audio transcription job in the university so she decided to look for it online. Then she browsed one of of this blog's posts regarding transcription jobs. Aside from just being a job offer, the article made her realize that there were a lot of things to know in the audio transcription field like using a software that makes the transcribing easier using the foot pedals.

The contributor of this article was freshman in college who once applied to ad DOTCOM's job offer at the height of online jobs. She is a graduate by this time at the University of Philippines.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Fitness First Platinum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia had previously started over the past week last September 2013 its regular sessions of Aqua Zumba. Expatriates and locals alike enjoys the routine as seen in this video. I took the liberty of taking a video although hesitant as taking photos and videos in public places in Saudi Arabia is somehow controlled. I just made the video far enough but then I saw other members and staff taking photos and videos as well, so I think there should be no worries as the video shows fitness routines.  I hope they still continue this at present time.

If you want another twist in your workout experience, or if you are fond of dancing exercises but want to take it to the next level, then Aqua Zumba is definitely recommended. Aqua Zumba is a dancing exercise which needs you to immerse in the water, preferably below your chest level. This is challenging because the water’s density could restrict some range of movement so you have to exert more effort.

An amazing fact about Aqua Zumba aside from the thrill of dancing in the water is that it is considered as a low impact exercise. When you exercise out of the water, the impact of movement on your weight bearing joints are huge enough to make you susceptible for joint inflammation which could lead to osteoarthritis. Therefore, Aqua Zumba is ideal for everyone, most especially for older adults because water can lessen the impact on those joints.

Aqua Zumba is also good for the heart and lungs. According to research, water exercise lowers your heart rate by 3-15%. Not bad for people who are suffering from a fast heartbeat that could lead to some sort of cardiac problem. Aqua Zumba also increases your lung capacity because it is forced to ventilate against the hydrostatic pressure of the water. Therefore expect that you are going to breathe better after performing the workout.

Expect for changes in body composition and muscle strength when doing Aqua Zumba. Experts say that around 500 to 700 calories are being burned when doing water based work outs but according to research, you can expect changes in body composition after 8 weeks of working out. Same with muscle strength, you can expect your muscles to be more lean and stronger after 8 weeks.

Although the effects of Aqua Zumba are great, that doesn’t mean you have to overdo it. Remember the principle of wear and tear: when you overdo something, more risks are bound to happen than benefits. So keep a regular schedule of Aqua Zumba workout. You can start gradually from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Aqua Zumba is a good alternative although experts say that a balance of land base and water-based workout is more essential than working out on the water alone.  Therefore, don’t miss out the land base work out that is suitable for you and balance that with your Aqua Zumba.

These are the benefits that you can get when doing Aqua Zumba. So plan for this type of routine, bring your friends with you and enjoy dancing at the pool.

Aqua Zumba has been available some time at Fitness First Platinum, Localizer Mall, Thalia Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Have you not ever experienced the deserts and sand dunes of Saudi Arabia?  The arid environs of this country look very appealing and take us to the olden times of the famous Arab country. If you are planning to visit in Saudi Arabia this year, don’t postpone your trip because it has many things to do and see. You can make your stay in Riyadh to visit some of the country’s best destinations.

Al-Maktaba Park

This park is situated at the Olaya Sector, Olaya Street, Riyadh that covers 54 acres of land. The park has a great history for its sightseers. It has a breathtaking waterfall which is placed on the opposite side of the facility entrance. It has a synthetic pool which fascinates the tourists. There are many resting places in the park which are covered by trees. The showpiece of the AL-Maktaba Park is a Clock Tower that is visible from a far distance.

Al-Musmak Castle

Located in the Imam Turki Bin Abdullah, The Al-Musmak Castle is an ancient centerpiece of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The castle is known for its unique history in the (KSA) and it offers a scenic view. This is a clay and mud-brick castle in Riyadh which played a significant part in the Kingdom’s history.

The Kingdom Centre

It is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Riyadh. It is the 3rd largest in the country and 25th largest building in the world. It has a wonderful shopping mall, containing 160 impressive stores and shops of world’s renowned brands like Saks Fifth Avenue, Mont Blanc and Marks & Spencer. The Kingdom Centre has many corporate offices, world-class dining restaurants and 5 Star our Seasons Hotel along with a beautiful banquet hall. It has 41 elevators, 22 escalators and a wide space for parking. The Kingdom Centre is a must-visit place in Saudi Arabia.

The Riyadh National Zoo

It is one of the largest zoos in Saudi Arabia. The national zoo houses 1400 animals of 40 different species, involving Elephants, Kangaroos, Monkeys, Seals and many other animals. The zoo is covered with 55 acres of land. The zoo is open for 6 days a week and it offers a great enjoyment for kids.

The National Museum of Riyadh

Located in the King Abdul Aziz, Historical Center, The Riyadh National Museum is a double-storey building that houses a wide array of artifacts of both the past and present, including manuscripts and display boards. The museum is known for its great exhibitions all around the world.