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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

This is a story of a former SPi employee working as a medical transcriptionist. I wasn't able to save his contact information so, this is posted anonymously.

SPi is one of the leading transcription company in the Philippines in 2006 to 2010 and it was one of the featured companies here in my blog.

At first, he really have no idea about transcription until eight months after he graduated.  He was working then as a gym receptionist.  One of the gym instructors was a physical therapy graduate and he noticed that he have quite good typing skills.  He told him that he might want to try medical transcription since he is a graduate of a medical allied course.

During that time, SPi was in need of medical transcriptionist.  He applied for the position and underwent series of tests and interviews.  He narrates that, "It was funny because during the final interview with the operations manager, instead of her asking me questions, it was me who asked bunch of questions about medical transcription."  In their conversation, he was able to grasp idea of how this career would be.  He was luckily considered for the position and underwent an extensive training for two months.

Everything about medical transcription was discussed to him; turnaround time, flexibility, use of different reference materials, client specifics, confidentiality agreement, et cetera.  He thought since he have knowledge of medical terms and good typing skills, maybe he could fit for this job.  It would just take familiarity with the accent (would the clients be American or ESLs), being resourceful, willingness to learn, and of course hard work.  He eventually worked with the radiology account (4 hours turnaround time) for two years, 18 months of which as an off-edit MT.

His last year with SPi was spent doing other different types of dictations including acute care, discharge summaries, orthopedic account, ER notes, and even medical conferences and some general transcription jobs.

His final remarks states that, "Even though I am no longer working as a medical transcriptionist, my current job is still related with transcription.  I still transcribe dictations; the only difference is that my current job is transcribing real-time dictations, from a person talking to me on the phone."

Sunday, November 22, 2020

This article was originally written November 1, 2015:

I've been in Qatar for only three days and I'm thinking what makes me decide to live in Qatar for work. I remember a few months back waiting long time to get my job application get approved. During those times, I kept on asking myself if I really want to live in Qatar for the next three or more years.

Now that I'm here, there are considerably good reasons why living in Qatar attracts me.  Well undoubtedly the pay for expat workers here is better that their respective country.  Another of course with the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2022, there is very impressive development in Qatar.

Qatar somehow is very peaceful.  The environment is a bit relaxed.  The neighbourhood is really quite.  You will only get to see people going to mosques during prayer times.  The traffic is very moderate to heavy on peak hours.  There is only a few build up on some major intersections.  Because the infrastructure is relatively new, roads are easy to navigate.  It seems that fun and too much leisure is not a priority here, but it seems people are contented.  Shopping malls are not that jammed pack.  There are some small shopping malls here actually.  I've seen one, and there is a cinema.  Alcohol is not prohibited, but you need to get a license.  I'm thinking getting one.  I've heard to some of my friends who have been here for a couple of years telling me they are definitely staying here as long as they could.  The weather by the way is likeable, although it's a bit early to tell because winter is just approaching.  

I can't wait to explore more the city of Doha.  It seems that you can tour the whole city in just few hours in a not so busy day.  I see that there are major constructions undergoing to build the metro rail as well.  There is a public bus that seems efficient.  Well, I must say these are only an observation of someone who is relatively new here living in Qatar.

I think I will continuously enjoy living and working here in Qatar.  I particularly like the culture that is relaxed as compared to other Arab countries I've been to like Saudi Arabia.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Blogging has been slowly eating our system, positively that is. From being a hobby and a trend, now it’s beginning to be a money earning idea that is providing opportunities for writers. Blogging for others had already begun to conquer their lives, since this type of writing is a kind of journal, where one usually had to do some blogs every day regarding his or her experience, or just about anything that he wants to share publicly. Others had been doing this for quite a long time, and had earned some considerable amount of money by blog writing.

However, there are some tips about blogging that you need to know:

1. Determine your target market.

Ask yourself to whom should you address the topics you are writing? Categorize and distinguish if your blogs focuses on the particular audience that you want to impart your message to.

2. Write and be yourself.

In order for you to reach out to your readers, just be cool and focus on subjects which you think can highly relate to others. This is one way of getting the attention of your readers and can make them want to go back reading your other blogs.

3. Use colorful images.

Pictures and images can be very attractive. This is a visual stimulation and can help trigger curiosity in your reader’s brains. There are numerous websites that provides various images that can be used for any topic in your blog writing.

4. Be responsive to any comment that are posted on your blog site.
Responding to your audience comments and suggestions perhaps only means that they had been reading your blogs thoroughly. Be sensitive and try to be more appreciative of these readers. A thank you can be a very good gesture to these people.

5. Be active in social media sites.

Share your blog writing on different social networks that you are a member of. This is one method of promoting and advertising your blogs to gain more views and readers. Ask your friends to share the blog with their friends if you really want to be a little bit popular.

These 5 tips about blogging will lead you to create your quality blog. So you must keep motivated and always be focused on your blogging.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

In this article, I will feature my interview with Marilou who considers herself as an average transcriptionist.  She is located in Cebu City and presently not connected to any company.

In 210, she had joined a week training as a transcriptionist but decided to stop because the location was far from where she lives.  She started transcribing sometime around November of 2010 when she helped out someone she knew who was originally working as a Transcriptionist with her load. Being a part-time transcriptionist helps her earn money while enjoying the job.

When asked what is her preference to work home based or in an office setting, she explained she prefers to work home based because it is a lot more convenient.  Also, general transcription appeals most to her interest.

She said that the most important characteristic or quality to become an effective and productive transcriptionist is being passionate.

She advised that for anyone who wants to work as transcriptionist, extend their patience, obtain active listening, focus and love the job while being passionate about the work.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Being a mom is a full time task. Once I worked with one of the prestigious State universities in our place. It was quite rewarding because it was, yes, a more stable job, I supposed so. But being a working mother has its own perks. Having three little kids while working 50 kilometers away from home made me think a hundred times if I have to keep my job or quit to be a full time wife and mom. I was starting with my career and again yes, personally I would have kept it if I was not always worrying with what was happening with my children when I am not around. I had a “yaya” back then, but with my third child suffering from asthma and would not even taste her food when in an attack, I had to let go of my job.

It was not long so long ago that I came across a platform that offers various home-based jobs ranging from telemarketing, writing and more. Although foreign to that idea, I had somehow managed to get a job as a writer. And it really helped me a lot, positively. I have also discovered that there are even more rewarding home-based and online jobs available.

Now, I am working at home and managing my own time and pace, minus the dilemma of anxiety that always haunted me when I am away from home. I do not have to run every morning, deal with traffic and all the stress that comes with it. Imagine working the 8-5 routine; waking up as early as 5am preparing for work and going home as late as 8 pm, tired and useless. For others it can be perfect, but for me it doesn’t work. I was not happy with my life as well as my job anymore.

The onset of home-based jobs for me is a blessing. I am enjoying my life now and most of all my family. I feel I have the best of both worlds, and I am grateful to have found a rewarding career.

The contributor of this article is a home-based article writer, blogger and researcher who loves travelling and adventure. She is a graduate of Business Administration at the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City in the Philippines.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

An eager and optimistic fresh graduate would expect nothing but the grandeur things in life upon working. Earning money while being in the career path that one dreams of is a luxury often taken for granted. Lucky as it may seem, there are still dark spots to work in your dream job most especially for a fresh graduate. Getting a job is one thing but surviving, staying and succeeding is a whole new other story. 

Most fresh graduates enter the working force expecting not but positive things; after all, there is no way but up right? Then what hits us is the reality of life. We start by trying really hard to impress our boss and workmates. We then start to work overtime just to keep up with the fast-paced ever changing business world. After which, we finally start to crack because of the constant pressure to, not only do well, but do better and better each day or task. Then what is left is a struggling demotivated fresh graduate just trying to survive day by day.

Confidence is definitely the key to success.  

To work in a world where dressing to impress is a part of your daily work life is a struggle most especially to those individuals who aren’t really aesthetically gifted, if one may say. Confidence is a trait most often degraded by many as we often associate it with arrogance. The beauty of confidence is that one tends to overlook physicality when personality shines through. One must also remember that our personality lasts whilst our physicality degenerates. Confidence is a trait that most fresh graduates tend to lose when they enter the working class because of the constant pressure being put on us by our bosses or older workmates. Remember that our bosses and workmates pressure us because they know one could do better.

So to all the fresh graduates out there trying to make it big in their chosen career paths, you got this! Never lose yourself in the fast-paced ever changing world that we live in.

Friday, November 13, 2020

I'm looking to create a team of writers who will be my associates to help me with my blogging.

Part-time writers who want to make their spare time more productive instead of just a chatting with friends for long hours.

TOPICS: blogging, working home based, food reviews, restaurant reviews, travels, technology, computer, gadgets, audio transcription, health, fitness, and many others.

Wanted Associate Writers
- Willing to work part time who can work in a team.
- Have existing internet connection and have a spare time writing articles.
- Have good attitude towards work.
- Have good command of English language especially in writing.

Writing Guidelines – Associate Writers
1. Write unique and according to own thoughts. NEVER COPY from any website or any books including phrases, fragments or whole sentence.
2. Write in the context according to topic/title given alone and use the KEYWORDS appropriately (3-5% only in the entire article, about 10-15 times).
3. TITLE must not be too long or too short.
4. Article must contain 400-600 WORDS excluding the summary.
5. Do not use I or Me and He or She. Instead use We, They or Their, or Your. (except for writing personal stories)
7. SUMMARY must be 2-3 sentences summarizing your article - This is not a copy paste from the actual article.

- Bank account that can receive money transfer.
- Willing to write on per task basis. Regular tasks will be discussed based on performance.
- Good command of English grammar in writing.
- Can follow instructions easily.

To be discussed upon test file approval.

Contact information:
e-mail your detailed resume at: