The AAMT Book of Style for Medical Transcription
Second Edition

AAMT Book of Style Second Edition

AAMT Book of Style Second Edition

This book is “the gold standard” for medical transcriptionists. It gives details about points of grammar, punctuation, style, usage, editing, and much more.

Features of the 2nd edition include:

  • a comprehensive index prepared by a professional indexer
  • style points have been reworked and enhanced
  • examples have been augmented for added clarity
  • practical hints have been placed in the margins
  • points of grammar, punctuation, and usage are identified
  • the book is wider so that it lies flat when open
  • the type style and format are easier on the eye and
  • a CD-ROM (.pdf) version is included with the book


  • AAMT Book of Style: A-Z
  • Appendix A Sample Reports
  • Appendix B Dangerous Abbreviations and Dose Designations
  • Appendix C Medical Transcriptionist Job Descriptions
  • Appendix D Productivity Considerations
  • Appendix E Full Disclosure in Medical Transcription
  • Appendix F Language Standards
  • Appendix G Modifying the Patient Record
  • Appendix H Soundalikes
  • Appendix I Professional Credentials and Academic Degrees
  • Appendix J American Cities and States
  • Bibliography
  • About AAMT