Social media can be considered a powerful tool for expanding networks and getting in touch in the world- and also a good source of money.

Since there are lots of people who are involved in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other blog sites, you can use these social media websites to earn audience and get potential clients if you have a small business. However, you must also remember that getting your potential clients and audience are very challenging too as you have many competitors with the same nature of business and target audience.

In online marketing, you must stand-out among the crowd by making your own trademark that everyone could remember. It is not enough to gain more friends, followers, and likes. You should create a conversation to gain traffic. Since social media is also a part of SEOing, posting rich content is very helpful to increase the traffic of your social media page. When posting something on your status, always sound like a human. The more you sound natural about the news that you are sharing, the more people will visit your page.

It is indeed to answer every question of people who like and follow the page so they have a reason to keep following your news feed. Always remember, you create business for your customers. So you are responsible to answer their questions and concerns. It is also important to maintain a trust to your audience and customers so they have no reason to find another service.

It is important that you know the updates on social media and the changes of rules of Google (Google Panda and Penguin). Lately, Google has launched their updates: The Google Panda and The Google Penguin. Both updates aim to put the less quality websites in a low rank and penalize those who disobey the Google webmaster. Since the new updates of Google occur anytime, you should be more watchful for it so you know the best moves that you can do it to combat the changes.

No matter what changes may happen in the online community, the content of your post matters as you use this for communicating your audience. Always remember to write only a friendly post.

Submitted by: Sarah Demapanes