The transcription industry is in the peak of its growth, whether it be medical or general. One can engage in those fields at the same time, but we always have one thing we called as specialty.

Being a transcriptionist, you need to be flexible enough. Majority preferred to engage in medical transcription. This is primarily because most of them have medical background. They thought, it is just as easy engaging in medical transcription because of that fact. But it is not the only qualification. You have to be a language specialist, meaning you have to familiar or well versed with different kinds of accents. You need to have a lot of patience to try research on things. You have to be keen and look for some inconsistencies.

But with the question of which is easier to transcribe, medical or general, it is a matter of preference. Most of the transcriptionists prefer medical transcription while some also tries doing general transcription jobs. Transcriptionists with medical background say medical transcription is easier of course. But aside from that, specific reference materials are available to use when needed to look for the correct spelling of terminologies or look for words we are not familiar with. Sometimes, a list of doctors or persons mentioned in the dictation is provided so there’s no need to look for it the whole time searching in the internet. In general transcription, we do not have these things, though some also provides references but very rarely.