pinterest bloggingPinterest gained the eyes and ears of the world with its pinboard style of photo sharing. Subjects include events, interests, arts and crafts and food.

Simultaneously, current blogging has become so popular among users and writers that others even resigned from office jobs. Their topics include events, news, arts and crafts, people’s interests, health and food.

Needles to say, Pinterest and Blogging have common intents – to serve users by way of their social interaction and jobs.

What’s in Pinterest?

Theme- based images are pinned on pinboards. An interested user can pin this as well to his  pinboard.  The more users pin on such image, the more users are collected as they continue pinning, saving and categorizing the images on their pinboards.

Pinterest has been the subject of interest of many users due to its positive and respectful method of gaining users.  As an effective means of social media advertising, it advertizes online, and on blogs, and promotes sales by means of product images and pricing.

What’s in Blogging?

The world population, even the older groups has now patronized the use of blogs.  It provides information and discussion of published topics in websites. Most common topics are events, arts and crafts, education, common interests and food.  Interesting images and videos are posted as blogs.  Comments, likes and friends can be collected thus resulting into a social media network.

The Interaction

A blogger posts images and videos and pins them on Pinterest.  He can browse to others and pin them on his pinboard, for his own or his audience’s interests. A blogger can publish an image of his best art and pin it. The more he pins, but with other users’ contents, the more audience and social interactions he collects.

Audience of similar interests with a blogger will start liking, repinning and and commenting, once attracted to learn and have further information on the images.

Pinterest and blogging interact. Purposely, they are good sources of advertisement, friendship, lesson planning, referrals, and information for students’ projects. For a blogger he can produce another topic inspired by images in the Pinterest.