Getting Near Quarter-Life Crisis – into early 30s.

Now that I’m in my early 30s, I recently have been thinking about my decisions – past and future. There were various plans that I know will affect the current status of my life. Having been trying to make a living is the primary goal which is to have a better quality of life. One major factor affecting these decisions…

Transcription and Writing Resources

Being a transcriptionist is my newly acquired passion. I start blogging now for the purpose of sharing my ideas to every transcriptionist around the world. This transcriptionist’s blog is one of a kind blog site that will enable us transcriptionists share our thoughts and ideas.

Medical Reports for Transcription

  The following are the kinds of medical reports being transcribed by medical transcriptionists.        Progress notes        Emergency room visits        History and physical reports        Operative reports        Cath Lab procedures        Consultation reports        Medical records        Laboratory reports        Diagnostic imaging studies        Discharge summaries        Psychiatry reports        Radiology reports        Doctors’ Peer reviews       …

Typing Speed

I used to think that to be able to get quality work in transcription, I must be typing way around 100 wpm. But then, I began to be annoyed with what I can do. I am a transcriptionist but I can only type around between 35-40 wpm. I used to fail job applications because some companies require above 60 wpm….

The Edge of Medical Transcriptionists over Others

General transcription includes medical, legal, business, media, and financial transcription, thus covering a wide range of services. One maybe a “Jack of all trades”, but one could not master everything. Erroneous typing of the terminologies compromises quality work, and in the long run, affects quantity. To achieve quality transcription, considering the different jargons for these different fields, it is just…

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