Facebook senior citizensUniversity or college alumni homecoming – considering this for an exclusive gathering can be enjoyable for senior citizens. The president and secretary of the class had talked over the matter two months ahead, making sure that the ages are correct according to previous school records. At least a member of the family of a grandparent also has a Facebook account for his or her use.

The years covering 1960 and l970 filled the days with radio broadcasts and newscasts on graduations and reunions, although in big cities televisions were starting to flourish. Social gatherings such as alumni homecomings are broadcast several times a day over the radio or flashed once in a while over TV screens, calling all members of class this and that to gather for a general meeting and program preparation. These involved lots of expenses since contacts were to be made from one municipality to another, province to province, region to region, or even from one country to the other. The result, only a few were able to attend, most could not be reached.

The advent of the computer has provided prompt access to anywhere. The possibility of young and old alike to have their own e-mail addresses in the Internet saved time to easy contacts anytime they are online. The reality of having their own accounts did not supply only the young generation with Facebook accounts, the senior citizens were also able to do so with their children and grandchildren away from home.

A great benefit to everyone is that messages are readily transmitted from one person to another. During the months of January to March students usually have group projects and researches. If during the yesteryears the senior citizens who were students had to gather at a classmate’s house for several days; today, they can spend the whole nights at their homes chatting, discussing or even debating towards the completion of their projects. This is one excellent advantage of Facebook for senior citizens.

Facebook does wonders which yesteryears were unaware of. There is a chatroom which could be used. In the process, anyone may be invited for business, socials, education, interviews, conferences and meetings.

Those planning their 50 years and over grand reunions are really fortunate, like this 1960-1974 alumni homecoming. They utilized Facebook to contact each and every member of their class. Starting from the secretary reminding the president who is away from home, the invitation spread to almost all of the former graduates. Discussions were conducted and a program is already prepared for the celebration. Although some of the members are now on wheelchairs, the home comers are so excited chatting from time to time to update themselves of the progress. Some have already arrived in preparation for the most-awaited event.

They are now looking forward to the success of the get-together, with not less than 90% of the living already registered. After those long years of absence and no contacts, the result of using Facebook will bring their face-to-face transformation with their former classmates.