UPDATED: January 2016

I’m continuing my team of writers who will be my associates to help me with my blogging.

Part-time writers who want to make their spare time more productive instead of just a chatting with friends for long hours.

TOPICS: blogging, working home based, food reviews, restaurant reviews, travels, technology, computer, gadgets, audio transcription, health, fitness, and many others.

Wanted Associate Writers
– Willing to work part time who can work in a team.
– Have existing internet connection and have a spare time writing articles.
– Have good attitude towards work.
– Have good command of English language especially in writing.

Writing Guidelines – Associate Writers
1. Write unique and according to own thoughts. NEVER COPY from any website or any books including phrases, fragments or whole sentence.
2. Write in the context according to topic/title given alone and use the KEYWORDS appropriately (3-5% only in the entire article, about 10-15 times).
3. TITLE must not be too long or too short.
4. Article must contain 400-600 WORDS excluding the summary.
5. Do not use I or Me and He or She. Instead use We, They Or Their, Or Your.
7. SUMMARY must be 2-3 sentences summarizing your article – This is not a copy paste from the actual article.

– EON or Savings Union Bank Account or verified PayPal account (for payment to receive).
– Willing to write on per task basis. Regular tasks will be discussed based on performance.
– Good command of English grammar in writing.
– Can follow instructions easily.

To be discussed upon test file approval.

Contact information:
e-mail your detailed resume at: [email protected]