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  • Submit your skill.
  • Make your post professional.
  • Once selected by the Job iProvider, they will message you on the contact information that you posted.
  • You can also apply to the available jobs posted by the iProviders.
  • Once hired, deal with the iProvider.
  • Discuss the job details with the iProvider privately.
  • Get Paid by the iProvider as per agreed mode of payment.[/tcontent]

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  • Contact the one that fits your qualification.
  • Interview them through your choice of communication.
  • iProfessionals can also apply to the available jobs that you posted.
  • Hire iProfessional who will pass your qualifications.
  • Get your job done and delivered to you.
  • Satisfied? If yes, now, give the incentive through the agreed mode of payment. If not, ask for redo.[/tcontent]