work onlineA slow and sluggish Internet gives you nothing but an annoying experience. If you have to keep on staring on your computer screen for sending or receiving a mail, it really hampers your productivity. Not only that, if you want to download a music or movie file then also it may take days to complete the download due to slow Internet connection. Don’t you think this is irritating? You can really be wretched with this issue.

In order to counter this issue, there are many freeware Internet tweaking software applications. By tweaking your systems TCP settings using these applications, you can increase your broadband or dial-up modem speed. Want to know about these software applications? Here is a short checklist.

What are the different Internet tweaking apps?

Let’s start the discussion with TCP Optimizer. This is an easy Windows program that is quite useful to tune and optimize your Internet connection. The program is free to download and it does not require installation too. You just have to download it and run. For searching the best MTU and RWIN values as well as test latency TCP Optimizer is very effective. Using it you can tweak all the important broadband related registry parameters. Before proceeding, it is recommended to check the TCP Optimizer documentation.

Does your Internet connection appear idle or inactive on and off? If yes, you can think of installing Internet Connection Keeper Freeware. If there is disruption in a connection, this program automatically dials back in. the application is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system and it is very easy to configure too.

You might not know that the default settings that Windows uses are not ideal in most of the cases and you can improve upon them. Go for Ashampoo Internet Accelerator, a free program that you can consider for optimizing your Internet connection. The program enhances different aspects of system’s performance by optimizing the standard parameters. Computers, that are running Windows® XP operating system, are compatible with this program. For faster, more efficient performance, install Ashampoo Internet Accelerator.

Cookie Cruncher is also a freeware and one of the highest rated in its category. This Internet cookie management software helps the users to protect their internet privacy. Using this application you can review and delete the cookies by domain name. The program allows the user to keep required cookies for portal customization and delete the unwanted ones.  The users can also manage their favorites, recent documents, temporary internet cache, temp files, URL history, etc too very easily through this software.

These are some useful programs that are free but make your Internet browsing experience more hassle-free and smooth. Before using any of these applications, it is recommended to take a backup of your system. You can also consider creating a System Restore point. This is because if the system becomes unstable after installing any program, you can roll your PC back to a previous working condition. For more help, it is recommended to get assistance from a PC support provider.

Author’s Bio: Karen Evans is a student who needs to surf the internet for her studies. Whenever her PC gets slow, she uses the tweaking tools. She knows well that there should be proper virus removal software support for running a software program.