WANTED: Associate Writers -Blog Contributors

UPDATED: January 2016 I’m continuing my team of writers who will be my associates to help me with my blogging. Part-time writers who want to make their spare time more productive instead of just a chatting with friends for long hours. TOPICS: blogging, working home based, food reviews, restaurant reviews, travels, technology, computer, gadgets, audio transcription, health, fitness, and many others. Wanted…

Why Start an Online Writing Career

If writing is your passion, then pursue it. In your younger years, you may tend to look for a long-term career, and if writing seems to become your enthusiasm – then go for it. You may start to read and take your ideas or topics that will be your point of interest. You will learn a lot through reading and…

How to fire up daily blogging?

Getting more and more topics to blog, you might consider daily blogging. This is a very demanding way of increasing your blog content. It also has a lot of benefits to get more readers and eventually get more advertisers. But having said a great deal time of time doing daily blogging, you may want to resort in making this a…

Associate Writers (AWs) Writing Update

Hi to All AWs, Welcome to our new website! Soon, new writing jobs will be posted.  Always visit our website for further announcements!  http://archiedelara.com/tag/associate-writer/  Happy writing!

Study English Please!

I can’t help myself posting this. Pardon me. I’m not really excellent in my writing, but I guess this is too annoying to read. Someone sent me this email asking for a home based job…. hi, Archie de Lara but u did not replay me ? i am working medical transcriptionist and i want to know about job for me….