spam messagesSpam emails usually go to your spam folder. These emails are usually harmful when the attached links or images are clicked and directed you to a phishing or malware websites. But how effective your email accounts like Gmail and Yahoo mail in detecting real spam emails?

You may try to observe one time that some of  your email contacts messages may go to your spam folder. At times, if you have a new friend sending you email for the first time, the message will go directly to your spam folder. Or even some company emails like at work emails sending you new messages on your personal email t Gmail or Yahoo mail, messages tend to immediately trapped in your spam folder. Why is this happening? Are Google and Yahoo too restrictive about this? Do I need to delete spam emails immediately?

Well, it is better be cautious to avoid problems on your computer and your email accounts. You cannot blame Google or Yahoo to be over protective. As per own personal experience, you can try to visit your spam folder every now and then. Occasionally, you may receive legitimate emails on your spam folder. These emails may come from a possible employer if you have been posting your resume on job portals or job websites. Sometimes, if you have your own website or blog, a new email contact will message you asking about to advertise on your blog. In some scenarios, if you have been posting your old laptop in classified ads websites, potential buyer’s message may go into your spam folder.

To delete or not to delete

So when these all happens and if you’re very active online, you will lose a possible high paying job, an income on your blog or even a immediate buyer of your old stuff. So before you empty your spam folder or delete spam emails, try to check again.

Bottom line – aside from being cautious on spam emails that may harm your computer and your email account, learn to check your spam email folder for legitimate emails. By regularly checking your spam email folder, you will know from experience which kind of emails are spam or legitimate.